movie game, i'm gonna win

Okay Alice. You won't sleep tonight. This is such a good one. Ooooh, you're shakin'. I'm singing the Champion song.

Guess as many times as you want. I'll post another clue tomorrow. First one right wins.

Here's the clue:

i've been duped.
this is not a direct quote from the movie.

Seriously, if someone gets this, I retire.

Good luck. Not.


Unknown said...

MAN! I have no life and am sitting here on a Friday night..the first to see the post (laughing to myself because you have no life either..except you have a sick hubby to blame and I only have your sick hubby to blame) and what the heck? I have NO idea...clue #2 please.

And a note for interested other commenters....google will not help, but just in case it did more than I know, here is what I came up with.

What About Bob
The Wire
Knocked Up

My other just random guess...

Annie, the movie.

Unknown said...

Fahrenheit 9/11

Mia said...

Catch me if you can. I love this movie!!!

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

The Island?
Or Star Wars: Attack of the Clones?

(obviosuly trying to play on the duped...meaning duplicated instead of tricked...LOL)

Ryan said...

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Unknown said...

This one is hard..and I must go get some sleep...