movie game

You're not getting a quote this time. This is how Conan and I really play; we play to win. I'm going to give you a brief description of the movie. If someone guesses it today, they have mental telepathy powers and are therefore disqualified, or deemed very intelligent. If there are no correct answers by the end of the day, I will give another clue tomorrow. Then one on Friday, and then I win on Saturday. You can guess more than once.

Here's your clue:

This movie has it all. Forbidden love. Betrayal. Deceipt. A deal. And a wedding.

Here's a peak at the prize...

Good Luck. I mean, I'm gonna win.


corrie said...

Can I guess again if I get it wrong?
My first guess is The Little Mermaid.
Pretty good guess even if it isn't right.

Unknown said...

Wow..this could describe a million movies.

Corrie has a GREAT guess, but I really pray she isn't right.

I am going to list all that I can think of just to see if I can win...I REALLY WANT TO WIN some of Cally's talents.

Legally Blonde
Star Wars Eposide II Attack of the Clones
Romeo and Juliet
Steel Magnolias

Man, I can't think of it...I really want to win!

It's a good thing that I will be able to purchase one of those prizes soon from the shop cally store because I am never going to win! Darnet!

Shannon said...

Well, I was going to guess Romeo and Juliet, but since Alice already beat me to that one I can't think of anything else. This is a good game! I'll have to sleep on it or something.

Dana said...

I'm Corrie's neighbor and must participate! :-)

The Quiet Man

Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves


Fiddler on the Roof

Shannon said...

My next guess...Princess Bride!