moving on.

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We went to Canada this summer.  I have 10 million pictures to share but they are all stuck in Conan's computer because I already have 10 million other pictures in my computer and I don't have any more space for 10 million more and so there they'll sit, in Conan's cyber emptiness, until I can buy an external hard drive.  Or find another solution to my picture problem.  lame.

For now it's instagram.  I grabbed some for you off my phone so you could have a glimpse of what I'm missing.

School is in and Kacie started Kindergarten, which means I'm alone.  I thought I'd be excited about being alone, but I pretty much feel...well...alone.  I don't like it much right now.  All my kids are in school, and so begin the days when all my time management dreams are supposed to come true.  It's a new chapter of motherhood I will embrace by watching every available season of The Wonder Years.  alone.

Theoretically this means I'll have more time to blog.  I have some good projects to share {Girls Camp Craft ideas, a few bags, Dani's Hogwarts replica made of clay and cardboard, and something exciting for Sarah Jane}, so lets hope my theory holds true and I can make a sweet bloggy comeback.

I miss our vacation.  And our babies.  They're gone.
sniffle and sigh.


mandi said...

Oh mama! Here's a hug for you.

can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

Angie said...

Oh, say you'll blog more.

wendy said...

I want to see your photos...all 10 million (tee,hee)
So glad you got to go see your mom and dad this year and develop more great memories there.
Alone...you'll get used to it. And yes, our babies grow up waaaay to fast.
Troy turns 40 this year. My first baby ???!!!!

chris said...

I'm doing homeschool preschool this year for precisely this reason. I'm not ready to let my baby go, yet. Enjoy a little more creative time.

I am LoW said...

Just as soon as I started to love and appreciate being home alone while kids were in school, they started graduating and I was back to being not home alone. And so life goes...:-/

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Hey Cally! Just stopped by to say hi. Good to see you are doing so well. Sorry about the photos, but glad you got back to the Motherland! I have my youngest in preschool 2 days a week. I hate it. I may even take him out. Good luck with the adjustment!

Donna said...

sad! Because I remember you pregnant with Kacie, and Mandy being pregnant, and us piling into a car with Merrilee to Ikea.....those were the days