I've been making.

My sister in law, Lori, and I are participating in the Candy Cottage Holiday Market this coming Monday at Rocky Hill Elementary School. So I've been buried in MAKING STUFF!!
Hooray! It's been a while. Here are some of the things I will be selling: 
The paper cuttings will be available for custom orders (your own quote around 5-6 words on the 5x7 hearts) at the Market. I will have 4 of the Grinch Christmas quote cuttings for sale there, but the rest will be done at home and delivered by December 16th.  (Frames not included.) (I can take 30 orders, so if I don't get that many at the market I'll let you guys order some in that shop I've ignored.)
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I've got a bunch of bags and aprons, too.  And some rice bags (to warm your toes) and some table runners and some cute little girl flannel skirts.  I'll post some pictures of those this weekend. 

The market is from 4-8pm at Rocky Hill Elementary School on Monday, November 28th - if you live in Knoxville and you wanna come.

And if you see something on my blog that you don't see at the market, just ask while you're there and we'll see what we can do.  Depending on how many orders I've gotten.  I want to spend my December drinking sparkling apple cider and eating bon bons by the tree in my $6 Old Navy jammies and fuzzy slippers while listening to Bing Crosby croon the season away.  so I'm limiting special orders.  You understand.


miranda said...

The bags, I want to see the bags PLEASE! Heart everything!!

chris said...

Awesome. I love seeing what you made for our cousins, too! It's always a bit shocking to see my uncommon last name like that, and then I remembered you knew Jason and Courtney. Wishing you a ton of success.

corrie said...

Wow Cally! Cool stuff!!!

Unknown said...

It all looks GREAT. Hope you make enough money to send to Santa's elves.

What I am really happy about is that it looks like you finally got your craft space.

SILVIA said...

beautiful outfit & post!
lovel your style =P


wendy said...

I love the HEART tree.
You make beautiful things sweet Cally....such talent you have.

mandi said...

Oh- I love your paper cutting skillz! I mean, you are one patient lady!
Everything looks great!

Maggie said...

I love the headbands! I am always scouting out new and DIY projects! I am going to have to try these out! Thanks so much!

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