Super Mario Bros. Hat Tutorial

So, just in case you didn't have anything to do this weekend, I finally have a Mario Hat Tutorial for you.  
Because I'm assuming you are all last minute Halloween-ers, too, like me.  You guys have 3 whole days left to make costume magic!  
So I'm really not that late in posting this, really.  
Since everyone else in the world procrastinates just like me.  I know it.
Here you go:

This is not an exact science.  
Wonkiness is okay.  Mario is wonky.

The top piece is a circle with a 9 3/4" diameter. 
I "egg" shaped the top to make it stand up more.Mario style.
Photobucket Photobucket
The measurements on that middle piece are kind of hard to read.  
Here they are:

Top: 4"
On the right: 1 1/2" and 1 3/4"
Bottom:  1/2" and 2 1/4"

Photobucket Photobucket
I doubled my felt over because I had a lot of hats to make,
so I cut for 2 hats at a time. If you're making 1 hat, just use one layer of felt.
You'll end up with this:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I pinned the bottom just so it wouldn't shift around while I was pinning the puckers. But now you need to take that bottom pin out
so you're working with just the middle of the hat.

Fold JUST the middle piece of the hat, remember it is no longer attached to the top piece!

Now pin the top and middle pieces together again, wrong sides together.They should match up well now that the puckers aren't puckers.

Okay, here is a big fat disclaimer.  
I took these pictures of the first prototype,before I figured out it was better to sew and cut the puckers, rather than leaving them puckered.  So from now on in these pictures,ignore the puckers.  
Your puckers are sewn and cut. 
no longer puckers. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Sweet.  You're done.  Mario Hat...


Man, that feels good.  I actually for real posted something on my neglected blog.
I'm sorry, sad blog.
I'd like to say I promise to spend more time with you, but I've heard stories about empty promises.


I wrote the stories about empty promises.

I miss you.
at least now you have a cool hat to keep you warm in my absence.


Amanda said...

Hooray! My kids are going to love this.

Alicia said...

I'm a little .confused about the piece with the middle cut out. Is it just a piece the size of the first circle and the brim combined?

cally said...

Alicia...To make the Middle piece (with the hole in it) I traced the Top piece and added 1 3/4" to the bottom so it is slightly bigger than the Top piece. If you look at the picture of the Middle piece (4th picture in the tutorial) there is a pencil line marking where the TOP piece came to, so you can see the added 1 3/4".

Does this help?

Alicia, Jason, Carter, Aidan, & Keaton said...

Thanks so much for the clarification. The hats turned out great. I made them with a thin fleece so they are a little floppies, but the kids love them..
Thanks for the tutorial.

mandy said...

Thank you so much! I just finished making two hats and they turned out exactly how I wanted them to!

KennyJ said...

Sweet! My younger brother and I are dressing up like Mario and Luigi for no reason and this was a great help. The people at the themepark are going to LOVE having us around.

Unknown said...

Great post. Save me money instead of buying cuz I have all material at home already. Thank you so much fellow procrastinator!

Meegan said...

A great tutorial! I am making for my seven year old son, what age did you make your hat for? Just wondering if I will need to adjust the sizing? He does have kind of a large head:). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info. I am making one for my son. He works at a restaurant and has to dress up. This really helped me. Thanks Theresa

Karla said...

I have to make one tonight or tomorrow but I'm terrified hehe

Karla said...

I did iiiiit, my daughter loves it and it looks great.
Thank you for posting.
My first language is spanish so it took a while for me to understand everything but I did it :)

Engelbert Edralin said...

Wow this is cool! I'll tell my grandmother about this.She loves to sew things like this :) .Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Could you please explain where I should cut the middle piece hole? you said you used trial and error, but is there perhaps anyway you could specify where it should be and maybe how large it should be for your head. Thank You!!

Meeesh said...

This is fantastic! I made a Mario and Luigi hats for halloween. They were perfect. Thank you for this!

Unknown said...

What measurements would I have to use if my son is almost 3 months old.. He's about 25-26 inches long

Maria said...

4 years later and this is still helping people in a hurry! thank you!!

Kyjere said...

Thx for keeping this post up and posting so much detail! I really wanted these for my boys' party but I never tried sewing before. They turned out just like your pic. I made 4 Marios and 4 Luigis. Only thing I did different was added the letters to the hats after they were finished to make sure they were on straight. You so rock! :D

Cafe said...

Hi there!
So I am
Trying to make the pattern and having difficult time. Do you have a link that allows us to just print your pattern? That would make my life easier. If no, can you clarify he width of the top piece at least? I see that it I 9 and 3/4 high, but what about the width?

Unknown said...

Just me or the photos are not available? Would love to see it again!

Unknown said...

Yup me too

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Abigail W. said...

Used these directions to make Mario & Luigi hats for 2 teens. They turned out great! I traced a 10 1/4" plate for starters for the top & followed the pattern as closely as possible from there. Thanks for making & keeping this available!