I've been absent. For a good European cause!!

I just got back from France and Italy (squeal) with my husband and my 2 sisters (and their husbands). I'm still trying to get back into making dinners...nothing is reaching that same French caliber. I bought 4 French baguettes, some prosciutto, and fancy cheese from Sam's Club yesterday. I'm dreaming about macarons and gnocchi. My kids are begging me to speak in English. And I can't settle on the perfect ouef cocotte recipe for Sunday lunch.

I have ten million pictures of amazing history and architecture to sift through, and all the photos of everything I ate (very important...one must never forget the food...escargot, thank you very much, pastries, pastries, crepes, sorbet, gelato, pastries, not enough macarons, and pastries).

I'll share soon!


Unknown said...

Wow Cally. I didn't even know you had that tripped plan. I am so happy for you. Can't wait for the French posts so I can live vicariously. For now I will have to settle for the crepes restaurant in Orem.

So happy you got to take the trip of a lifetime with your husband and sisters...what could ever be better than that?

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Je suis jaloux! I don't know if I can handle the jealousy--but I want more pictures/stories anyway! How awesome to go with your sisters/spouses! So great!

wendy said...

CALLY....I can hardly WAIT to experience vicariously this Vacation of a lifetime with you.
I . Want. All. Of. It.


tjtaylor said...

I didn't think I wanted to go to Paris, but I just changed my mind. Can't wait for the virtual tour!

mandi said...

NO WAY!!! That is awesome! I can't wait to see all the pics!

Unknown said...

Lucky! I won't even attempt to leave a comment in French because I don't wanna butcher the beautiful language even if I've taken classes. But that's awesome! "Trip to France" will go on one of my bucket lists.

Sharstin said...

oh so fantastic!!!!!!!!

mer said...

Cally! I'm so happy you (not to mention JEALOUS!!) that you went to Paris (and those other somewhat important cities and countries in Europe ;))!! Looks like a wonderful and my heart pitters and pats just looking at my beloved city. It seems like a lifetime ago that we went when little Atticus was just under a year. Has it really been that long? Seriously time to go back.
Miss you guys!
xo Mer

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