Dani's room.

Remember this? This is the plan Autumn Clemons put together for Dani's room. Asking Autumn for help was the smartest thing I did in this room. (She has helped me with our entire downstairs, too. I'll show you those later. Awesome.)

Well, we're done (almost). I still need to add a few little details that Dani could care less about (like a bigger bookcase and ruffles and pillows and knobs, and pictures in the empty frames - you know...candy).

Autumn made this project really easy for me...she listed everything very clearly - where to get it, how much it cost, and why she chose it. So in case I couldn't get that exact item, I knew what to look for - matching the scale and colors, etc. There are only a few things we had to compromise on because of unavailability (like the awesome stainless steel desk from IKEA, blah). But the compromises still work.




I had her shelves all clean and organized once upon a time, in a far away land, but then she moved her stuff in. I kept sneaking in and rearranging everything, but she kept rearranging it back. So I backed off. It's her room, not mine. It's not my room. This is not my room. Hers. not mine.

let it go.


Dani and I made the headboard. I think it's pretty amazing. I took pictures along the way to show you how we did it, but I'm really not sure how it all came together. It was kind of a miracle. I didn't realize I didn't put the last row of buttons on until it was on the wall, and I'm not taking it down...and don't let that lead you to ask me how it's mounted to the wall (Dani is totally safe, but it's not pretty). There will be no tutorial on that one. I used the power tools before Conan came home and told him not to look closely. I got the "eyebrow". Code: unauthorized power tool usage. bad.



The chalkboard wall has been the biggest hit. It was well seasoned at Dani's birthday party...which deserves the mention: No, she does not love Dmitriy. You're welcome for pointing that out Dani. Because I know all the 6th grade reads my blog.


The peace sign is my favorite (found at Home Goods for $5). And that's Dani's mini apartment she made out of her cardboard stash. Okay, I'll show you around. It's awesome:



Yup, that's a toilet, and a shower curtain. And you can't even see the toilet paper roll.

So, Dani's room is now officially awesome to match the girl. Conan and I like to sit in there and talk all night, it's so nice. Then Dani comes in and kicks us out. Just kidding, she asks for us to leave very nicely. Just kidding, she wants me to stay in her room FOR-EV-ER.

Thank you Autumn!

And thank you, Dani, for being so wonderful. I love you.


christy said...

Best room ever. Dani is so very lucky. She looks like a terrifically talented girl, like her mom. Bravo.

P.S. Once upon a time I knew Conan back in the day for a few years. You guys are too cute.

chris said...

What a fabulous space to spend her teenage years in. I hope I'll be able to do something a 1/4 as awesome for my girl when she hits that stage.

Unknown said...

O.k. I am glad you have redeemed yourself after that elk pillow. It is soooooo perfectly awesome. I LOVE it! I want to move in.

I want to have a chalkboard wall. That is soooo cool.

And Dani's mini apartment is TOOOO much. How amazingly talented that girl is, like her momma.

Lori said...

Dani: please keep your room clean! You owe your parents $20 each time you leave it messy.
Can't wait for the headboard how-to, it turned out fantastic!

wendy said...

Wow Cally, her room turned out just perfect. What a masterpiece for such a lovely young lady.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which room I like better...the cardboard apartment or the bedroom. ;)
Tell Dani I'm coming over to hang out! - Jennifer

Wonder Woman said...

Oh. My. Goodness. This room is gorgeous. It seems very tranquil and classic/classy. Love it.

Donna said...

That room is perfection! I love the tailored bedskirt.

Crystal Copeland said...

It looks like something straight out of a magazine! Um, but what does the child lay her head on when she sleeps? No pillows on the bed.......? Haha.

Emma said...

Wow.... I wish my room was that cool.

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

On a scale of 1 - 10 for style and coolness, this room deserves a 500. Kudos for providing such a wonderfully chic, yet functional, room for your girly. I love it!

Lindsey Rose said...

I am dying!!! That is so stinkin cute!! i love love love it! Seriously youve got mad skills!!!

Food Glorious Food! said...

OMG! I want you to be my neighbor and give me a tip or two on decorating my room! Fantastic job! Well done!

mandi said...

YES!!! It looks fantastic! And that headboard! I also love how you put the bed across the wall instead of jutting out from the headboard. Very clever for a smaller space.

Ree said...

Wow! What a great room! I love it! I would love to hear more about that headboard construction. I'm so impressed that you made it! I've imagined doing something like that for years, but have never found the time or the guts! Way to go!

Anna said...

wow calli! Dani's room is totally amazing. I need you to come to my house to get things finished! :)

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