Coco Moke City.


Dani and I designed this lion for my nephew, Jaden, for Christmas. Dani wanted him to be a flying lion, but he ended up looking like a dead angel lion with the wings, so she left them off and he became just a normal lion without any superhero quirks. Jaden named him Coco Moke. but he already has a monkey named Coco Moke, so my brother suggested he pick another name so as to not confuse the two. Jaden agreed, and changed the lion's name to Coco Moke City. perfect.

I think this year I'd link to pretend "launch" a Coco Moke City line of animals in that Etsy shop I opened. But, you know, it's the year of little commitment. So who knows. But it's also the year of following through. And the year of simple projects. And the year of the cheesecake. Which has nothing to do with Coco Moke City, but I'm hungry.

oh the conflicts of a good craft!

Wouldn't it be great to have a cow, and a pig, and a hedgehog, and a flamingo (just kidding. tricky.) made with soft, washable, recycled, sentimental tee-shirts? My head is full of ideas.

hmm. I wanna.

don't let me forget.
because I'll get busy and I will.

you know it.


ShEiLa said...

He is a very cute lion. It would be fun to have a Coco Moke line of animals... as long as there is no stress attached.


Jennifer Dawn said...

Just sew when you get time and if they make it to the shop...fantastic. If not, that's fantastic too.

You could put one in and see how it does and then decide. Of course, if you do that...I'm going to snatch it up before anyone else and then that will defeat the point of testing it out. :)

chris said...

He's adorable. I know my kid would want to hug him and help stop crying. (she pretends stuffed animals are sad and crying so she can comfort them.)

Whimsy said...

He is so very cute! I want to smoosh his little belly.

Unknown said...

I'm thinking a flamingo sounds pretty awesome!

corrie said...

Coco Moke City is adorable. I think for sure those would go over well.
You're good. real good.

Emma said...


mmm cheesecake!

Angie said...

holy moly, he's cute.
i gotta work on channeling some of your serious creative mojo.

Elisha Trask said...

Super cute. i kinda want to snuggle him. I would love to see a sheep or elephant.

mandi said...

Oh Cally!

This little lion is so so cute! I think a hedgehog is FOR SURE in order. Can you imagine? All those prickles?

Child Family said...

yeah. ok. i guess you don't have to call him jeff. how about a big house fly? the eyes could be all big and squishy!! i'd buy it.

Unknown said...

I like this idea. Especially that he's made out of tee shirts. Don't forget. :)