All right. Summer's done. Lunches are under control. Design Star is over. Pictures are (semi)organized. Early morning wake up wonky brain syndrome is becoming...manageable.
Travelogue: commence.

We're pretty big Superman fans around here. He's just cool. So when we mapped out our trek to Canada this summer, we had to stop in Metropolis. duh.


Metropolis, Illinois is a tiny, old, charming little town, with a big statue of the man in front of Town Hall. awesome.



And there's a pretty sweet store.


We hung out for a while, browsed the comics, then ate Sonic Burgers in our car because it was too hot to eat at the park.

Then we drove.

to the Midwest.
Then the Great White North.

Lots of summer to share.
and then maybe we'll put the vacation officially to rest
and do some crafts or something.
It's hard to let go.

ps. Joey turned into a ninja sometime in June. makes it interesting.


wendy said...

Love the photos....look forward to the rest of the traveloge

Emma said...

What a great holiday you had!!! I love to see all the pictures.

ShEiLa said...

Now that looks like fun.

I have not been there either.
Love Kacee's photo.


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

My boys would F-L-I-P. Who knew there was an actual town?! Too bad it's not Metropolis, UT...

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Also, there is a cute Ninja song on the Bare Naked Ladies kids cd ("Snacktime") that my boys love. It's approximately .5 seconds long, but it's there fave--just cause it talks about ninjas. Find it, and enjoy! (incidentally, I also recommend "Eraser" and "Popcorn" from the same album)