i love food.

Seriously, I love food. It makes me happy. And I love smart ideas with food. And pretty food. And fresh food. And preserving food. And growing food. And gourmet food. And simple food.
I love it so much I want to marry it.

There's a girl I know, her name is Jennifer Hughes, who has a very envious relationship with food. She is a genius in the kitchen, has a garden I dream about, and enters her own recipes in the Tennessee Valley Fair every year. And wins.

She's a dream.

So last night we had a class on what to do with your garden, and Jennifer shared some pretty awesome stuff. Then told me she had a food blog with her mom and her sister.

I said.
You mean, all this delicious Jennifer goodness is consolidated into one wonderful place of convenience and public knowledge?
I said.
You mean, I have an official online resource manual to my unspoken personal journey of becoming a real live Jennifer?
No way.
I said.
It's called A Busy Nest. And it's pretty much awesome. I'm sharing it so we can all aspire together to make and eat great food, because they have made it simple for us. And I'm pretty sure sometime soon they'll be inspired to add an official "Tips in the Kitchen" section that will give us that "ah-hah" moment we love so well on a regular basis. maybe. please.

{Peach Raspberry Pie for later. a busy nest.}

This Peach Raspberry Pie idea was my favorite. You freeze everything in the pie plate, then put the whole thing in a freezer bag. Then all you do when you want a pie is slide it into your pie plate, put crust on top, and bake it! really? yes. really.

I had to share, because I'm just assuming some of you have the same ongoing quest I do to make my kitchen a place of delicious, organized, genius yummy goodness.

I'm hungry.


corrie said...


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I can't get the blog link to work. What's the address? Looks delish. I go through phases of Food Network, Take Home Chef, etc. I could use some new ideas!

cally said...

link fixed Andrea! yum.

~adelle said...

Would you care if I printed a picture off your blog to hang in my baby room? :) It is from the post "Corrie's Owl's." I really like it. Let me know if you mind or don't mind. Thanks!!

PS~I will keep the Calico watermark on it so you have full credit!

wendy said...

I hate that you love food so much and manage to stay SO SKINNY.
that is sick and wrong

loved the Nauvoo photos below as well. gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

New followers and Alice Gold's comment led me to figure this all out. THANK YOU for your lovely comments and exposure of the blog. It's a huge compliment from someone as talented as you! :)Jennifer

~adelle said...

Ah! Thank you. You are so nice. :) I will let you know how it turns out...

Anonymous said...

You have really great blog with lots of cute photos and wiritngs. I add you to my page ,cant wait 1 more minute.Lots of greetings from Turkiye

Sharstin said...

ooohhh aaahhhh! and yummy! you have officially made me hungry~thanks for sharing:)