Spice Up Your Kitchen with noodlehead.

Do you read noodlehead? Anna's a cool crafty mom; she taught me everything I need to know about zipper pouches. She puts on a mean tutorial, and grows rhubarb in her garden. Rhubarb?! I love that stuff.

Right now she's hosting a week full of ideas and projects to...

It's good stuff, go check it out. I'll have a tutorial up for Anna on Friday with a cool way to display your favorite recipes.

Right now I'm going to email my mother for her rhubarb crumble recipe. mmmm. I'll share later.


ShEiLa said...

I skipped over to have a look at Noodlehead and see what kind of craftiness she possesses.


I loved the little zip pouches and the mail organizer... fun blog. I like it. Thanks for sharing.


chris said...

Hooray...too of my favorite craft muses are playing together. Too fun. I love both of your blogs and all the ideas you let me learn from. Can't wait!

chris said...

ok, even with spell check my spelling stinks tonight. I meant TWO of my favorite. Sheesh.

Anna said...