I've been trying not to say anything because I really have no idea what's going on..

but you're persuasions have gotten the best of me. Either "brother" is really dead and he released "smokie" when he went into the pit of light, or he's still alive just without his body. Meaning, he became "smokie". But "brother" has to end up hating Jacob somehow, so that's why "smokie" may be something totally different, not "brother". And "brother" has to explain to Jacob how to channel the light and water so he can turn the wheel and leave the island. Because now "brother" can't, because he doesn't have a body anymore. maybe. Difficult to follow? yes it is.

and "mother" is a weirdo, eh? Just like Lockey Smokie said to Claire. He wasn't lying. Which is why I think "smokie" still has "brother's" "spirit", if you wanna call it that, because crazy "mother" said she made it possible for him to never die. BUT, Jacob died, so she didn't really pay attention on that one. And as much as I was really loving the hour of brotherly love, I wasn't so thrilled with the vague deepness of wacko-mom. "If the light goes out here, it goes out everywhere." "Answers will just lead to more questions." Whatever lady! We've been waiting for years for this! Spill it! Or just go back to the West Wing. ugh.

Our good guy Jacob has lost some of his macho-ness, eh? Sobering.

I think "brother's" name is Aaron. Just because I'm running out of time to link in my Aaron theory. So I'll throw it in here.


chris said...

I was joking to my husband the "brother"'s name was Esau. I was kinda baffled with this one as well. I'm almost to the point where I think I've had enough...end it already.

Kristen said...

My thoughts ... Brother's soul became Smokie.

My husband said he doesn't think they will ever say the Brother's name. Which wouldn't really change anything but it certainly wouldn't satisfy 99% of everyone's curiosity.

Sarahie said...

Yeah, it was a frustrating one. Didn't the mother say that if they went into the hole that it would be worse than death? I think that his body is dead but his soul is trapped in a limbo kind of state, i.e. Smokie. And, now I'm so confused! I'm actually starting to think he may not be a bad guy. They better be answering a lot of questions in this short amount of time.

And, P.S., good call with the Aaron name.

Stephanie said...

I am so incredibly confused when it comes to the show this season. I too am ready for it to end, it's gotten so far fetched, and I really don't know if all of our questions will ever be answered.

christina said...

No joke. Jacob's a crybaby!

Emili said...

I think the theory of smokie being the bro's soul is the closest to what I thought when I saw it.

What I thought was interesting was that this episode made me feel once again that roles were reversed. I mean, Jacob was the one to kill. Oh, and I don't think crazy Mom made is so that they couldn't die - just so that they couldn't kill each other. So technically, Jacob didn't kill the MIB, he just threw him down the crazy worst-than-death light tunnel. So, Smokie has to be some form of his brother still, cause even after dieing - or transforming, he still couldn't kill his brother.
So- back to roles reversing. I thought it was interesting that Jacob took on the evil act of attempting to hurt/kill his brother. Meanwhile the MIB is the one who was choosing to believe in the good - ie - that not all men are evil and destructive and kill. He believed that men could be inherently good and wanted to get off the island to see it.

I still like your last theory the best. That they are all existing in alternate realities. That would explain how Jacob could have been across the sea without actually leaving the island.

And I also think he has to be Aaron! Unless they can't find a way to pull them off. Mostly because they threw that one comment in there a while back, where Locke said something to Kate about how maybe Aaron's Mom raising him wasn't the best idea. Hmm, interesting, since smokie's mom raising him never happened. Ahh, they were tying that together maybe?

Oh I give up. Think we'll know more or less after next week's episode?

Wonder Woman said...

Like Chris, we called "brother" Esau.

Mother didn't make it so they couldn't die -- she made it so they couldn't kill each other. Oh. Just read the comments. Agree with Emili. Hadn't thought of the Aaron thing.

But that one psychic said if Aaron's mother didn't raise him, he would be evil. So who's supposed to raise him? And why can't any baby conceived on the island make it to term?

I REALLY liked how things were flipped on their heads. Jacob is kinda bad. Esau didn't choose to be evil. The "gray" introduced in this episode is driving me "black and white" husband CRAZY. :o)

It's all crazy.

the mama monster said...

hmmm. i didn't really think jacob was bad. i also don't think he was trying to kill brother, just teach him a lesson, like he did with ricardo,but it went to far. i think crazy mom was some sort of smoke monster too. i mean how else could she carry MIB back up the well, fill it with dirt and destroy everyone and everything? she was a frail old lady... one thing is for sure. there are way to many new questions.

Emili said...

I thought it interesting too, that "Mom" couldn't kill herself. She was happy when MIB killed her because she was finally released from her "calling" or duty. Wonder how long she lived for?

And, is it understood then that drinking from that flask is what gives eternal life? Or did I miss something else there?

Kari said...

Almost too much to think about, so I keep going back to what HAS to be true . . . I, too, think that mom had to be smoke monster, also, for the same reasons--how else did she fill the well and destroy the village. So if that's the case, is Jacob taking her place or is it brother Aaron? Or, have the two boys split the responsibilities that mom had--protecting the light (with her immortality) and defending the island (with her smoke.) In which case, who's the bad one?
I agree--Jacob came off looking not nearly so stellar in this one, so I'm not sure anymore.
I'm also questioning the timeline--the whole episode with Jacob and brother Aaron on the beach has me off--need to see it again. Was that before or after Jacob tossed him down the well. Because brother Aaron didn't seem to "want to kill" his brother in this last episode, but if it was after he might have more motive. But if it's after, is Smokie just taking up his old body--like he has with John--and sitting around to talk to his brother. And if that the case, why did he have to stop taking up his body and move on to one like Johns. (Adding to your theory, I think it's because John exists in both realities.)
And didn't the wine bottle get smashed? Who smashed it? And if it did meant eternal life (I thought that too) then does that mean that there can be no more immortal guardians of the island?
And how does that tie in with all the people Jacob has tried to bring to the island? And why them? And what did the 108 button pushing have to do with that? And Walt? And Aaron? And Alex (also born on the island to a would-be crazy mother and taken)?
For a moment, last week, it seemed like they might just have enough time to pull it altogether. But after this week it feels like they are way WAY off the pace to satisfy my needs to know. All I can say is that they better get it right or I'm going to feel cheated.

Emili said...

I know! There are still so many unanswered questions!

About the smokie Mom theory - didn't she say that she had never been down the tunnel with the light? I only watched it once, so I could be mistaken, but it would seem that she'd have to have been down there to be the old smokie. So much to explain, so little time...

cally said...

good stuff, you guys. Tuesday comes soon.