i love my life.

I body pumped today. I wanted a challenge {my first mistake} so I added more weights to my bar {dummy} and I told myself before the class that I would push through the pain no matter how many near death experiences I experienced. I made myself pinky promise I wouldn't quit; because I don't want to have a heart attack.

I must hurt my body to save my body.

And so it began. the hour of slow muscle pumping torture.

I thought maybe I might be able to forgive myself for quitting when I saw the blinding light and knew if I squatted one more squat I wouldn't come up...but then I thought of Maya from Project Runway and remembered how I mumbled under my breath at her {because I would never yell at a tv. duh.} You can't quit!! You're so close! You're doing so well, don't throw it all away now just because you think you might die! Nooo Mayaaa, Noooo!!!!!

You find inspiration in the most unpexected.

So I paralleled my little life with that of Maya's career, and I persevered. And almost threw up. That's the sign of a good workout.

And now I can't lift my arms over my head and it's not even tomorrow.

But all is well because after the class I wobbled my way into Hobby Lobby and found these on clearance for 30 cents a piece:

So I bought a few boxes.

You know, one for each pain in the body pump.

I feel much better.


mandi said...

you are hilarious!!! i loved "it's not even tomorrow". hahaha!!

ok- i have some bad news. raw milk is illegal in tennessee. boo hiss. check out here though, there is a loop hole

juliannarichman@blogspot.com said...

Oh girl when you posted about the stupid creme egg I went to Kroger and bought many for 25 cents each-they are my fave and I would lie and say 'well they only have them at easter' but my kroger had them by dec.26th all the way till now so whatever. I attribute much of the 60 lbs I gained with my last baby to these puppies. I love them so so so much.

Unknown said...

Pure chocolate and white/yellow goo heaven. Love.

cally said...

We are sisters in Cadbury Zion Julianna.

And Mandi...what am I going to do? Who has the right to tell me it's illegal to make butter?

If any of you are wondering what this is about, check out Mandi's blog. She has an awesome post on making butter from raw milk. Skip it if you're from Tennessee. Apparently we aren't allowed.

But I like loopholes.

mindy said...

oh my gosh. this sounds like me. except the really hard workout part. hah. taking a long walk & hiking a mountain...then walking home. thats rough enough for me. then i eat chocolate. too funny. love how you describe details.

hershey nuggets- toffee and almond. party in your mouth. try em.

Elk Dresses said...

That looks like my pantry. Well, the non-descript bag stuffed at the back of one shelf so my kids don't find it. Mommy's secret stash.

nbarnes2 said...

all season i couldn't find them for less than 59 cents and thought no natalie. its not worth that. im so jealous. don't suppose you left enough for me.

Wonder Woman said...

I love that the thought of Maya quitting made you not quit. That's awesome. And I'm SO completely jealous that you found so many eggs!! I bought some at the beginning of the easter candy season but haven't found them since. It makes me so very, very sad.

Jayson, Kim, and Lotta Carlson said...

someone showed me your blog and i love it! i love all of the things you make! you are so inspirational and so witty.

i could never body pump. not even for 5 minutes. you TOTALLY deserve those cadbury eggs.

~adelle said...

Be glad your body pump room is not on the upper floor of the gym. (or perhaps it is.) The first time I went, I had to have a little bit of help getting back DOWN to my car. It seems that too many squats make it hard to walk down stairs. Who knew? Ouch.

Enjoy the cream.

cally said...

me too Adelle. Top floor. I have to go down one flight of stairs to the dressing room and I was holding onto the handrail with both hands, knees shaking, waiting to throw up all over the stairs.

It's nice to know I'm in good company, though.

Beeswax said...

Its not even tomorrow is the best line I've heard all day.

And I ate one of those boxes for breakfast. I can't stop. I'm very ill.

I've never been to hobby lobby but I want to go right now.

AMBER said...

mmmmmm Cream EGGS!!!! I ran 5km in 30 min yesterday and cam e home and that is what I had mmmmmm YUMMY And because I ran yesyerday I had one today too!!!MMMMMMMMMMM GOOD

wendy said...


and my body shows all the signs of it

I wanna hurt again

Unknown said...

Just discovered your blog. You have great ideas!

Natalie said...

I loved Body Pumping when I was going to the gym.
I Looooove Cadbury Cream Eggs. (I pounded those like nobody's business when I was prego with my Cally and still haven't gotten rid of those pounds!)
I love Project Runway. (She got scared that she might win!! So sad!)

and I love you.
when are you coming back to Ikea?

Sharstin said...

you are so funny! i love it~

Yo Mama said...

I don't blame you. Body pump is so hard. I would have done the same thing.

Kalli said...

I have addiciton to these and it kills me that they are not out year round. But I think if there were I would be 300 lbs. There was on year that i saw they made Cadbury Ornaments but i have not seen them since.