sick. sick. and Hogwarts.

Thanks guys, for all your get well wishes.

Here's the scoop: I got sick with the flu a couple weeks ago. REALLY sick; high fever, achey, you know. The flu. After the expected 3-5 days of fever and chills, I was still sick and couldn't breath very well so I went to the ER (it was a Saturday) and they told me 6 days isn't very long to have a temp and if it's the flu they can't give me anything anyways, and if it's an infection they don't want to overmedicate me with un-necessary anti-biotics and it'll probably last another week or so and she's sorry she just can't make it go away. She listened to my lungs, said I sounded good, and sent me home with a prescription for cough syrup.

Big. Fat. Bummer.

So I went through the week, still sick, thinking I just needed to muscle through it and it'll go away, but the more I tried to push through, the sicker I got. So I went in to my doctor and they did an xray and sent me to the hospital with agressive bilateral pneumonia. I spent 3 days there getting oxygen and drugs, and came home last night.

Here's the biggest bummer of them all...

I missed Hogwarts.

*sniff sniff.*

Conan drove the kids to my sisters house in Nashville so they wouldn't miss out on the Wizard Festivities, and left them there in the care of my parents for the Hogwarts weekend, while I ate cupcakes and pomegranites in a sticky hospital bed. I was so so sad to miss it all, but thankful my kids were still able to go. And thankful for cupcakes and oxygen.

My sister did such a phenomenal job with the party. I'm talking amazing. As soon as they get all their photos downloaded and sorted, I will share FOR SURE. She is so wonderful. My kids truly felt like wizards.

As for me, the doctor said if I stay still and rested I should feel better in a couple weeks. My mom and dad are here to help and I feel much better than I did last week...the fever is gone and it's just the breathing I have to catch up with now. So I'm good.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Here's the family portrait Cassy and Seth had hanging in the halls of Hogwarts during the party {playing on their tv}. So genius. I love them.


Wonder Woman said...

I'm surprised they didn't just assume you had H1N1, give you the shot, and send you on your way. Sounds like life has been positively miserable.

Love the family picture.

Hope you keep up the recovery.

HDMac said...

Yucky! That is WAY too long to be sick. It really could have been the swine flu that turned into pneumonia. Glad you are on to recovery and keeping you in prayer. :)

calicodaisy said...

I want to be in your family or their neighborhood so I could get an invite to their party! I remember your photos of your sister's family from last year and the year before. Very creative with my favorite fictional story ever!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Cally! How awful! I am so sorry that you had to endure that awfulness (and by awfulness, I mean the ER chick of course!) Oh, get better so sooooooon!

Crystal Copeland said...

I refuse to go to the ER at all costs. 9.5 times out of 10 they are wrong and another visit to the doctor is needed to 'truely' diagnose what is going on. I seriously can't believe they didn't give you an xray at the ER, that would've been obvious. It isn't always obvious by the sound of your lungs. As long as you described your symptoms, it sounds like pneumonia to me or at least the onset of it. Be careful, b/c if you're not, it can come back EASILY. You had better rest like you were told and not try to be super mom! Glad your parents are in town. If you need anything after they leave town let me know, I live five minutes away!

andrea said...

OH MY! I can't believe you ended up in the hospital. I'm so glad your parents came to help you. Kind of impossible to get well with kids around needing stuff 24-7. Hope you gets lots of good sleep and enjoy some good reading or moving watching time.

Teresa Johnson said...

Wow sounds miserable! They think my hubby has H1N1, but no one tests for it anymore. They just test for Influenza A or B, and if it's A they assume it's H1N1 because it's the same strain or something. Whatever! Anyway, my hubby, baby, and I are all sick! Sounds like you've been through it all...NO FUN! Glad you were able to have help with the rest of the family! Hope you feel better soon! Oh and I LOVE the video...SO SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

What a bummer! I'm certain Madam Pomfrey could have fixed you right up with one of her elixers! So, so sad you couldn't make it to the castle.

Be well. Love you loads, Shari.

Angie said...

Didn't anyone tell you that going to the hospital is no fun at all. Especially when your other option is a school devoted to wizardry and witchiness.
Hope you are feeling better and that the breathing comes back.

The Birds said...

So glad you're feeling better. CAn't wait to see pics of the wizarding world!

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart, I'm sorry you have to go through this. Looks like your parents came at just the right time. Hugs,
Terry Jean

Lindsey Rose said...

I am so so so so so sorry! That is so awful! That really does sound awful, you have been in our prayers as we heard through the grapvine that you were sick! Hope you get well soon!

mandi said...

oh cally!
that just sounds positively awful. i don't know if you're 'into' taking herbs but i could offer some suggestions of herbs that are good for breathing:

marshmallow root

a nice, hot elderberry tea with maybe some slippery elm might be beneficial... if you put an organic sucker in it (yummy earth) as a stirrer, it is all the better : )


Emma said...

Ya for mommy!!! She will make you feel better!!!

wendy said...

WHAT --you were in the hospital. Oh dang, double dang.
Please get well soon so you can enjoy visiting your mom and dad.
maybe it is a good thing they are there now eh to help out.

tell mommy you need some chicken soup and hot chocolate and a foot rub

{dawn} said...

:( hope you are all back up at em soon!

Elizabeth said...

Don't you know moms aren't allowed to get sick? =) If you go down, the whole ship goes down! Get better soon, I'll keep you in my prayers. Love ya!