necklace hangers.

I've been needing a new way to hang up my necklaces. I don't have many, but this is where I kept them:

A jumbled mess of a hand towel holder.

So I was at Hobby Lobby and saw these decorative wood blocks with a knob on them that had pretty paper decoupaged on them and thought..."hmmm. Those would be nice and simple, but they're too pretty, and cost $7. No thanks."

Then I walked in the wood aisle and saw the same wood blocks for 30% off of 50 cents. So I grabbed 3. Then I noticed that their cool drawer pulls were 50% off, so I picked 3. I spent $6. And hurried home.

Now I have this:

Much better.

First I painted the blocks white, then sanded them down on the corners a bit.

Then I drilled a hole in the bottom half of each wood block for the knobs, using a bit the size of the screws on the knobs.

I had to trim the length of the screw on the knobs or else they would stick out the back and not lay nicely against the wall. So I took the knob apart so I wouldn't damage the pretty part, and used a chisel and hammer to pound the end of each screw off. I guesstimated.

Once I reassembled the knobs, they screwed into the wood quite nicely. I did have to use pliers to tighten them, but they're good and secure. I would place some washer in between the knobs and the wood just to give more room for your necklaces to hang. I didn't do that.

Then I hammered in two staples into the back (hammered because I can't find the staple gun) just slightly and layed a piece of string under each staple, then hammered them in tight. I tied a couple knots and trimmed the ends.

Then hung each on a basic picture hanger. Easy.


ShEiLa said...

I love this idea...
I am going to have to try this... or something like it.

Thanks a bunch!


corrie said...

I was just thinking about how I need to find some place to put my necklaces. Brilliant.

Kari said...

You are far too cute for words to express.

Emma said...

Do your ideas ever end?

Really cute

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Once again I am stupefied by your craftiness. Work on, oh Great One.

Curbstone Homestead said...

I have been looking for a new way to hang my jewelry! Thank you for the inspiration!

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

wonderful idea. I have my necklaces hanging on pushpins on the wall of my closet. LOL

Hobby Lobby here I come.