happy creepy halloween from picnik.com.

Too much freaky fun.


corrie said...

how fun is that. You should put those in some of those great Target halloween frames. You guys are cooky and spooky

ShEiLa said...

That is creepy Cally.


mandi said...

whoa! those ARE super creepy! how fun ; )

Unknown said...

oh, but i came to see the flying pig :)

fun stuff..

& here are 3 comments in 1.

love the necklace holders...i think i want some, and you know how i detest crafty.

And, I so want an invite to the Hogwarts School of Magic.

Emma said...

Wow so scary I love it!

Crystal Copeland said...

Holy cow! I love these! You can do all of that on piknik???? I never could navigate my way around that site very well. You will have to show me sista!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Fun. I am going to have to play a little on picnik now. And then I will go to bed and have nightmares about you in picture #2.

wendy said...

Those were NEAT neat NEAT. Can I steel you quote about "love being like a ghost" for my blog
I'll give you the credit for it of course
let me know