easy Halloween window clings.

Andy has been going crazy wanting Halloween decor. I mean, the gigantic mummies and skeletons that talk and move their head to scare the b-geebee's out of you when you walk up to the door. He really had his eye set on those mechanical spiders that jump down in your face. Or just something to stick in the lawn, he says. Like a big nice witch on a nimbus 2000.

I told him we'd have to go non-electronic this year (uh, like every year) and maybe do the creepy show when we live on the land (because all our dreams will come true when we build our house on the land. Like the pet zebra.).

So we got out our Elmer's.

Here's how to make simple, non moving or screeching or jumping or croaking Halloween Window Clings. I love 'em.

carefully peel the glue clings off the tinfoil.
If you did the glue thick enough, this should be easy.

Make sure you put your words on backwards.
You don't want people to see a big "ood" on your house.
And stick the glue side on, not the colored side.

Sweet. Go with the glue and leave the jumping spiders where they belong. Far away from me.

Happy October!


ShEiLa said...

are they easy for others?
or just the talented Cally .n. crew?


Sarahie said...

I love it! I've been trying to figure out what to do with my windows and you have solved my problems! Thanks.

Emma said...

What? who would of thought glue!!!

I love it and so will my kids.

Sunday activity for sure!!!

Unknown said...

Yes she is the queen of all things crafty. Gotta keep this post away from my kids...I am not that nice of a mom. Don't wanna do it. we'll come over and appreciate your cute windows.

Like your new header, but am kind of sad to see the cute sketch of the kids go.

Boo to you...or do I have to type ood, so you can read it right on your end? :)

mandi said...

what? that is crazy fun! thanks for sharing! i would probably end up spelling 'doo' on my window, or 'poo'. or something like that...
we are for sure going to do this!

jenifer said...

cute windows...
good to have you back and crafty... fall is a great time for a comeback!

Mia said...

Way cool! Love your crafty self.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Love it you genius! Gonna try it tomorrow!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Worked like a charm! We also tried glitter glue and it looks great! I will probably stick with Elmers (as I'm sure you've already figured out)--way cheaper and goes further!

Stephanie said...

Love this--included it in my list of DIY Halloween windows too the other day!