great etsy gift idea.

I love etsy. I'm already searching for cool Christmas gifts.

A blog friend, Shelane, just opened an etsy shop selling cool stained glass pendant necklaces. Wouldn't this image be cool for my mom? That's a swing in the old church yard my mom used to play on when she was a little girl. I spent many summers on that swing; and here she is swinging with three of her grandkids. Nostalgic.

Here is part of Shelane's growing library of images, or pick your own.

I think I'll order one for myself with one of these:

because I love laundry. and pyrex.


I am LoW said...

Be careful with that pyrex, it'll last FOREVER and sometimes that's not a good thing. :)

We had that exact pattern.

Yo Mama said...

I LOVE laundry, too!!!!!! I love it when you get so far behind that not even a full day of complete laundry-doing will catch you up. Love laundry. love it.

ShEiLa said...

If I were you I would go with the pyrex... but I am not so I will have to see what you decide.

Darling idea... I will have to visit your friends Etsy spot.


wendy said...

couple of things ---I loved the MESSY party idea. YOU are brilliant!!!!
soooooo fun
I love that photo of your mom and the kids on the swing.
Leslie and Travis gave me a beautiful pendant necklace for mothers day and on the back had a photo of their 2 kids. It is so neat.
you and your pyrex love makes me giggle ---I HATE it, but that is cause I lived with it in the 70's.
love you my dear

Nana/Mom said...

hi, cause I am not the techno whiz you all are, where can I find this cool new shop????? I NEED a necklace that says, run like a girl!!!

thanks Patsi

Donna said...

You really LOVE laundry? I Loathe it.

cally said...

Hey Patsi...click on the "check it out" text...it should link to her shop.

And gosh, Donna, what don't you love about it? It's all about my retro dress and high-heels that accompany my date with the dirty; every waking of my lovely existance.

Laundry and I are tight.

Donna said...

I guess if I had some killer heels to do laundry in I would love it too. I'm e-mailing Mr. Moncur this link as a hint, hint for Christmas.....Keep your gift ideas coming. You know I love everything you do!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I hope you're kidding about loving laundry. Although I love that image of the laundry-lovin-lady, I was just telling my sister TODAY that when I am a millionaire, the first thing I will gladly give away to the poor minions is the opportunity to do my laundry.

Gitf Ideas said...

I love Etsy too, so many wonderful quality choices.

I hate laundry, I will gladly exchange laundry for any other household task!

Kris and Kally said...

i almost wt myself when i saw the laundry picture! Thanks for making my day a bit brighter with that hint of sarcasm!

Renee said...

My mom has those exact cups still.