a yellow house.

We've been planning on building a house for about...well...10 years now. We get close, and then decide to rent. We find plans and talk to builders, and then decide to buy. The market, the timing, the details, etc.

But we're close. I can feel it. It's just a matter of selling this house, really. Crossing my fingers.

So I've been looking through the humongo house notebook, finalizing how I want our new house to feel. That's important, to know this before we build it. These are a few pictures I've saved; "the feel".

Yes, that is Superman talking in his kitchen with Lex Luthor. Because ultimately I want the Kent Farm.

I want old, but new. White, but colorful. Bright and open. Practical and totally not put together on purpose.

A drinking fountain on the side porch, double ovens, a huge island and a conversation nook in the kitchen, an herb ledge above the sink, books and pillows, benches, windows windows windows, window seats, a kids craft closet with pipe cleaners and bubble wrap, pictures that make no perfect sense, words on every wall, and a green door. Somewhere. A green door somewhere.

Am I asking too much? Does the dream home really exist? It probably will be a little more practical than painted wood floors and a tiny frigidaire, but not totally put together. A place our kids can tell their kids about.


And I'm pretty sure I want it to be yellow.

I'm sorry I don't remember where all the pictures came from. If I do remember, it's linked
to it's bloggy source.


Mahmood Syed Faheem said...

Hi Cally! Your blog is very nice. The photographs are very beautiful. Wish you all the best. God is Great.


ShEiLa said...

At least you are headed in the right direction. First to dream and then to plan... all that is left. Go for it!

I love the feel.


Natalie said...

I've always wanted a yellow house! or at least a house with a red door. I don't think it would go with my brick though. maybe someday...

mary said...

Perfection. I love the feel you've got going on -- just like what I'm trying to achieve in my own home!

nbarnes2 said...

i tell my husband i want to build an old house too.

Lori said...

Wow, I haven't seen most of those. They are so you though. Did you ever decide on a floorplan??

Crystal Copeland said...

I LOVE the picture of the stairwell with all the pictures. I want to do that too, but I always thought it would looked cluttered, but I like it in your pic.

Emma said...

Wow can't wait to visit that warm and inviting yellow house on your own little piece of heaven!

mandi said...

this is so weird. i was just looking at the catskills cottage slideshow last night. and i love it. absolutely.

i know what you mean...about the feel of the place. very important.

AND. i told my husband recently that when we build i want a drinking fountain outside too!

i should add that my house is yellow. with blue doors. it's so fun to say 'meet us at the yellow house under the water tower' on invites and such. you should try it!

love all your ideas! like always : )

Kay said...

Seeing your dreams makes me think of your love for Canadian summer's at the cabin. Is that your inspiration? They are all so inviting. Can't wait to see you break ground!

Unknown said...

Love it all...especially the porch and the yellow...i think a little less orange in the shade of yellow though.

Love the feel..I can feel myself sitting on one of those rockers watching our babies coming home with their babies...you know when you invite us all over for Kacies wedding reception.

http://atypicalife.net/mam/ said...

We are in the same spot, but we have the house plans finalized and our present home on the market. Hold onto the dream!

Sharstin said...

so fun! love it all

Wonder Woman said...

I want Tom Welling in my kitchen, too.

Your home is going to be absolutely wonderful.