summer days, with chocolate.

Yesterday we went to the zoo, early, with Courtney and Mandy. The power was out, and Logan almost fell in the bear pit. Kind of.

Then we picked up Dani from her Ceramics class at the Museum of Art. She made a Loch Ness Monster.

Then we took Andy to Porter's house to swim and sleep over. He wouldn't let me look in his backpack, so I'm a little nervous he is grossly unprepared.

I was reaching my afternoon chocolate withdrawls, so we dipped pretzels. I had tons of chocolate and not enough pretzels, so I dumped in a bag of coconut and pecans, and I ate it.

Then we went to pick up Seth to spend the night with Jake. And Georgia came to get Dani.

So we made dinner. Fajitas and Banana Milkshakes.

Today we're picking up the kids
making oreo truffles for Emma
watching the Strickland kids
and Koa and Leile
designing the Macee bag
staring at my house plans
playing with the hose
dreaming of a pool
planting wheat grass
calling Sprint
and eating some oreo truffles.
Happy Summer!


Yo Mama said...

That all sounds so ideal. i want a pretzel!!!!!! Give it to me!!!!! Today we got dressed, made the beds, ate the breakfast, mopped the floors, went the park, played in the sprinklers, and dug in the sand. Now Wyatt is napping, Calvin is Nintendoing, I'm blogging, and tonight is co-op. Wish we co-opped together. Or at least hung out on a summer day.

corrie said...

That picture of Kacie and Joey is so funny! Mmmmm cocolate, Mmmmm.
I want to see Nessie.

Robyn said...

cally. reading your blogs make me look forward to when i have a family of my own.

mandi said...

nothing like a 'slow' day! man, how many kids does that put you with at one time???

you are a brave, brave woman...

cally said...

It is definiely something to look forward to, Robyn. With chocolate.

And that gave me about 10 kids in the house, Mandi. I actually get a lot done with that kind of chaos because they play with eachother, and forget I'm even there. I can swoop in and out of rooms without even being noticed. I like it. With chocolate.

Emma said...

fun fun fun, your a great mom!!

beazer1812@comcast.net said...

I love chocolate dipped pretzels--totally divine.

Jatin Sethi said...

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