LindsayJane Photography by Andrea.

I've dreamed of this.

Gorgeous photos. Hot husband. Beautiful kids. Trees. Colors. Gorgeous photos.

I couldn't even pick which ones I loved the most to show you! I love every single one. Go look, for real. The black and white one with the kids and the balloons in the field?! Holy moly, I love it. And us on my Grandma's blanket under our tree?! So, so perfect.

Andrea Larsen.
in the Nashville area.

i'm so happy.


Mia said...

So beautiful!!!!!!! Love them all, your colors were fantastic. I especially dig your shirt. I met your sister at the mall today... nice and random. She is so cute and very sweet.

Teresa Johnson said...

Cute, cute, cute....love em! You have such a beautiful family!

Jeigh said...

I love those! The balloons? Seriously. Blowing my mind. I love it so much. I would try to recreate it, but I don't think it would look the same.

Angie said...

Oh. Dear. Me.
I love these.
Especially the balloons.
What a good looking family you have.

Natalie said...

Ooo, she's amazing.
You look super gorgeous in the one of you and your hubby.
And yes, your hubby is hot.
And yes, your kids are always adorable.

Nana/Mom said...

cute, adorable, hot and amazing-Patsi

Katy Beth said...

Love them! She did an amazing job! I love the one of you & Conan...gorgeous!!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

These pictures are awesome! We had some photos done Boxing Day last year that I have been meaning to blow up and put in our living room...and now I realize will be obsolete in one more month, so I tossed the idea. :) But they were nowhere near this amazing! I think it helps to start with such a good looking mother--you hottie!

Wonder Woman said...

The one of you and Conan is fantabulous. Love the flair.

I love how your outfits don't match but totally coordinate. I tried that for our family pictures, and it just looks like I wasn't paying attention to what we were wearing.

Beautiful property, too.

ShEiLa said...

I love them.

My dream for this was never realized... so glad it happened for you.

YOU really do have a lovely family.


Alice Faye said...

Great pictures. Of course the people are great too.

Unknown said...

Picture perfect....but even if this makes me look narcisistic, I love you guys even more when you are not picture perfect. :)

So so beautiful...I may have to hire me a photographer someday.

andrea said...

I'm so glad you like them! I had such a fun time with you guys. :)

Emma said...

wow they are great pic's cute family

Sharstin said...

cally!! so cute! loving them all! what a cute fam you have!