I'm pretty sure I'm totally in love with him.

When I'm staring at him with sore cheeks admiring his humble hilarious story-telling, and he lets me tell the punch-line because he knows I love a crowd.

When I'm sure I've used the wrong cliche in a horribly destructive way, and he's watching the road with a huge grin and I know he's not laughing at the asphault. He just keeps driving, and smiling, because he thinks it's cute. How I slaughter the English language in embarrassing ways.

When he talks about fabric.

Or when he lets me take a nap on Fathers Day.

When he gives me the last mango popsicle. His favorite.

When he tells me what's going on at work, and I have no idea what he's talking about but I love looking at the gap between his teeth when he says the word deadline.

And when he watches Food Network with me. Or validates my ridiculous commentary on the Lakers game. Or acts impressed, again, when I tell him, again, how I danced at a Nuggets game half-time.

When he dives hard to catch my pretend curve ball.

It's when he looks at me. Like I'm the most perfect thing on Earth; knowing better than anyone I'm not.

I'm pretty sure I'm really totally in love with him.

It's when he carries them to bed, holds their hands at the park, wrestles them silly, has "classified" conversations with them, puts their cranky needs first, pays them 10cents for every weed they pull, talks about their talents instead of mistakes, laughs at their tantrums,
and looks at them like they're the most perfect things on Earth; knowing they're not yet.

I'm pretty sure he's really totally in love with us.

And that pretty much makes him perfect.


Crystal Copeland said...

So sweet.

Sharstin said...

what an awesome post about your cute hubby! love it! and darling photos!

Katy Beth said...

Aw...how sweet!!

ShEiLa said...

Very romantic.

All of those things you described so perfectly.

Love all of your photos too.


L. OL. said...


David and Jaclyn said...

You have a way with words....

I love to read your blog. Thanks for sharing the love you have for your husband and family. It is becoming a rare thing to find in the world.

Unknown said...


You're killing me....I've been working on my Father's Day post for a whole week now and I've now been way outdown before I've even finished. Now, I don't even want to attempt to finish...but I must for poor little LG. I'm not even gonna call him perfect. :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sepia toned pics. I really wish I had the patience to edit the photos like you do.

And Conan is pretty spectacular.

Tell him to come over to my house next year and give me a nap on Father's Day. LG was out visiting and so neither him or I got a nap!

Sarahie said...

You got me all teary-eyed! I always thought Conan was pretty cool. What a lucky guy he is.

Lori said...

Too sweet ever, Cally. Aren't Cruze men handsome?

cally said...

Oh yes, Lori. They are indeed my favorite.

Well, mine, anyways.

Nana/Mom said...

aren't you ALL lucky, and blessed, and happy.....P

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Nice. Don't tell my hubby, but I might be in love with yours now too. :)

Emma said...

so cute you made me get all sad!

Alice Faye said...

I know I shouldn't but I have to take part credit for the way he turned out. HA!! Just kidding-sort of. I love him too-and you.

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

I'm pretty sure I am in love with this post.