the Master.

This is my sister Cassy. Yes, she's beautiful. Go ahead and say it again.

Wow. She's beautiful.

And not only is she incredibly beautiful, but she is the Master of All Things Festive.
Her centerpiece...the cake.

Drool. I know.

This weekend was my niece Eliott's 1st birthday. It was a monster party in the park and of course, Cassy made it wonderful.

Because she is.

So if you live in the greater Nashville area and want an awesome party, her phone number is 1.800.DRUIDIA.

Call 'er.


Andi Kate, Children's Author said...

That looks so awesome! I love the monster hoodies!

andrea said...

That cake!!! Oh, that's funny! So awesome.

wendy said...

NO kidding- she is talented --her cakes are awesome!! and she is beautiful - just like her sisters. She goes all out but that is just the way she is and I love it. I love my neices!!!

Emily said...

Cannot say I am shocked whatsoever, such a amazing lady she is.
And her phone number, SPEAKS VOLUMES. Fantastic.
Love you

Unknown said...

WOW....that cake is amazing.

And, that photo is to die for...the little monster family is even better than the Harry Potter family.

I wish I could just steal about 10 genes from one of your genepool.

I think I would take the cake making one...I'm not so into the sewing.

Becky said...

That cake is amazing!

Lori said...

Unbelievable. Awesome.
(But isn't any else nervous about Eliott eating birthday cake in her calico dress?? She'll get it all icingy!)

Katy Beth said...

How adorable is that?!

Mia said...

The cake and the hoodies are so stinking cute! What a fun sister you have!