there are brains in the kitchen.

I don't usually watch daytime television. Well, ever, really. But while I was cueing up Kung Fu Panda yesterday morning, Rachel Ray was on and I caught a glimpse of that funny guy Tom from the old Ed bowling alley show. I watched for a minute, because he's funny, and then remembered why I don't watch daytime television.

Because they're smart.

The smart people manipulate you with these previews of what's coming up, and what's on tomorrow, and go to our website, and have this free stuff, and look what you missed...and you're a sucker.

Well, Rachel said she was sharing cool kitchen tips in the next segment, and I became a sucker. Don't do it.

3 segments and 50 million impatient kung fu chops later, there was Rachel in her kitchen. (bright lights and a choir of angels) With beautiful gadgets. And just when I thought the can opener on waxed paper would bring me good tidings of great joy...she got to her last tip. I knew it was fate that brought me there to the kitchen of Rachel Ray that morning. She was beautiful to me.


I hung a cookbook up all day. Just so I could look at it.
And then my cute hanger looked all naked and chilly.

So the smart people dared me to do this.
The not-naked-anymore hanger cookbook holder.

Thank you smart people.
Don't call me at 10:00 am. Me and Rach are busy.

Here is my previous solution to reading big books in the kitchen.

The naked-hammered-pliered-shut spoon cookbook bookmark...holder.

she does good work.

happy weekend.


MelDrop's Corner said...

i happen to see this episode too and LOVE this idea. and was so excited about the wax paper and can opener trick i could hardly stand it! and the way you decorated your hanger...brilliant!

wendy said...

Are you making those wonderful cookbook hangers. CALLY you are BRILLIANT ---how many can I order, what cost, name your price baby. I love cooking shows.....hate cooking.......but love watching them cook. It is sooo soothing,

Lindsey Rose said...

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! YOu simply amaze me miss Callie. You can make a hanger look fun, now that is talent!

Unknown said...

I see some money in the making.

But me being the simplistic type...I wouldn't mind looking at the plain old plastic.

But, if I made mine all cute like that then how would anyone know if they were at your house or mine.....yeah right.

Oh...my trick...a magnet on my hood....that's because all my recipes are on pieces of paper and not in nice lovely cookbooks.

Yo Mama said...

Where does the genius end with you? For real. You know that most people just live life with a naked hanger and here you show up with a fancy tricked out one. I, for one, love it, and think that I can no longer live without one.

corrie said...

I love the spoon. Reminds me of Grandpa Beazerwrights utensil wind chimes. sigh. peacful country.
You gonna make everyone a hanger skirt? I'd like one with blue, yellow and green. Thanks babe.

andrea said...

Awesome dude! I was just thinking how not pretty the hanger was when...poof problem solved! Love the spoon. I need to make both. They are going on my list.

You're awesome.

mandi said...

oh my goodness! that is genius! GENIUS! i'm always trying to figure out to keep my cookbooks open- with a can of baking soda, a measuring cup, what have you...
this is great- thanks for passing it on!

Wonder Woman said...

Most impressive! On both counts.

ShEiLa said...

Brilliant idea...
the hanger.


of course you make it so cutsie.

love the spoon too. I need them both.


Kari said...

What are you talking about! The spoon is perfect. I'm going to be haunting me some thrift stores until I find just the right fabu spoon pattern to gather up and hammer to a pulp until it looks just like yours. Genius!

susan said...

Genius. I love it!!

Seeing the picture of the dolled up hanger made me laugh out loud. You're too creative for your own good.

Love the spoon thingy too.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Genius! But if I do either of those tricks, they will remain naked as God intended.

Small House said...

Great idea, and cute to boot!
Have a great day.

highdeekay said...

So what is the waxpaper can opener trick? You're leaving me hanging... pun intended.

love the hanger idea and especially the hanger dress.

cally said...

Okay...close your can opener on a piece of wax paper and not only does it cleans out all the crud but it "waxes" up your blade so it runs easier.

I know. Fabulous.

Emma said...

Ok so werent u going to put together a cool book?

cally said...

uh, yeah emma. I still am.

Remember, I am the queen of distraction. I am still entering recpies as I can, but obviously it's goin' slow.

Someday, I'll be done.

It'll be a good one.

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