it slushed.

The kids were home yesterday, due to the slush.
So we made muddy slushmen.

And some ate the muddy slushmen.

And one got angry with her dirty sassy slushman.

And then I took pictures.

And after removing the wet, frozen slush clothes, we sat by the fire and ate cookies.
Because that's what you do when it slushes.


Alice Faye said...

What a good mom to go out and play with your kids and slushmen. I like the "sitting by the fire and eating cookies together" the best.

mandi said...

SNOW DAY!...i mean...SLUSH DAY!!!

so fun

AMBER said...


Cherstin said...

You have the cutest, slushy-est kids I've ever seen. And I don't blame her for getting mad. Those slushmen have control issues. Or so I've heard from my little slushmen makers.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I love to play in the snow with the kids! I just have to get over the initial dread of the 1/2 hour prep to do so! And now I want to drink a slushie.

ShEiLa said...

It has been many years since I went to a [slush party].

so long since i ate a cookie. :(

This pic's are great.


Nana/Mom said...

Hi Cali, WOW what fun, thanks for sharing-Patsi

Anonymous said...

I love the rosey red cheeks from the slushmen! How about a cup of hot chocolate with the cookies...ummm!

wendy said...

Slushes --they close the school for slushiness. Awesome. I love the photos of the kids. You could have scooped up some of the slush and made mud pie slushies. (sp?) Great day.

Small House said...

CUTE-CUTE-CUTE. There is nothing else to say.