I love straight A's.

And my hard working kids.

Friday was report card day. I love report card day.

My kids are not only hard workers, but they're smarter than me. And I'm so grateful. Because Krispy Kreme awards straight A students with half dozen hot doughtnuts if they bring in their report cards.

HOw cool is that?

Very cool.

So after our "you deserve something cool" reward trip to Target (walking in with a whole lot of indesicion, and leaving with Pokemon cards and a Tiny Pet Shop trinket, and covergirl pressed powder) we ventured into the beloved building of joy and happiness, picked up some hats, some free doughnuts, and I kissed my kids. Again.

And then we ate doughnuts.
Good job, Dani & Jake. You're awesome.


ShEiLa said...

I wish they had this here when my kids were little. Living in a small town environment... fast food wasn't even available. McDonalds now... but not way back then.

Congrats to your kiddos, for a job well done.


Becky said...

That is AWESOME! Do they give doughnuts to college students, too?

wendy said...

Absolutely good job on the "A"s --are they forseeing a future as Krispy Kreme workers? I have a funny story to tell you about a friends 4 yr old daughter -hang with me here -- while running some errands, they stopped to get a donut and the little girl wanted 3 --no says mom, if you eat 3 you will grow up fat, so we will just get one. they drove a bit and the little girl said "mom, did you used to eat 3 donuts when you were little" (see mom is a little chubby) what could she do but laugh

cupcake studio said...

Great photos! I didn't know Krispy Kreme did this...pretty cool! We have Cheryl's Cookies here and they'll give you a cookie of your choice for each A on your report card. Love that encouragement!

Yo Mama said...

Oh baby. My grades in HS would have been a lot better if that deal was around then. I was a big fan of the pizza hut book it thing. I read a gazillion Encyclopdia Brown books for who knows how many personal pan pizzas. Long Live Food Bribery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Sweet deal...for you. But I don't know if doing your kids' homework for straight A's is really giving them the right message... :)

mandi said...

way to go!
does krispy kreme give donuts to moms who finish the laundry?

and i must say- your littlest, in her polka dot skirt and sassy leggings- TOO CUTE!

cally said...

oh don't I wish mandi.

Give it up for incentive!!

I am LoW said...

I hope they keep that up for you!! Mine all started falling off the A honor roll starting in middle school. :-/ No fun since they've already proved THEY CAN!! :)

Anonymous said...

I dont know weather I love or hate report card day. I always hope that my kids will have Honors, but deep down, I get all nervious. They have get to let me down.

It makes me feel great as a mom when my kids do better than I ever could. LOL

Mia said...

As if I needed another reason to have high expectations for my kids! Mmmmm lets earn momma some doughnuts ;) Congrats to Dani and Jake, they deserve the reward.