you know I love a giveaway...

Put Scribbit on your bloggy schedule; I'm giving you time to plan ahead. And I'll follow up with a reminder. I'm promoting this because I can't stand it. And...I made Scribbit the beautiful buttons for you to put on your sidebar. Indulge me.

And add this on your calender, with a big red circle and a hand...like theirs. From Sew Mama Sew.

If you don't frequent the SewMamaSew Blog, then poo poo on you. This is the month to change your ways. They're posting cool homemade gift ideas each day of the month. An awesome place to support creative types. I love it. Oh, you know I love it. I get all gooey and hyperventilate about this stuff.

So plan ahead and take advantage of the cool free stuff! Maybe.

It's all about preparedness these days.

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Wonder Woman said...

these buttons are darling. I'll add them today! you com up with the best stuff. I loved that colorful "make beautiful everything around you."