Things you should know about me, because I was tagged a while ago and forgot the premise, but I told alyssa i would despite the no pressure.

  • I'm an alien. With a card. I thought I sang for the Queen once, but it wasn't. It was just the Premiere somebody of Saskatchewan. She was dressed fancy. I got confused.

  • Clark Kent is in love with me.

  • I like to gather the kids at the table for a really sugary snack so I have a quiet captive audience I can sing show tunes to at full motherload capacity.

  • my family's kinda famous. My sister was in Bats and babysat for Lou Diamond Phillips. AND she knows seriously every LDS actor ever to grace the Legacy Theater Screen. My brother was BFF's with a bigshot London director, they rode the bus together. AND he was almost on Another World, or Days, or something. Like 3 times. My niece is for real best buds with Baby Eden, the daughter of the VoiceMail guy. Oooh, giveaway here. And my dad looks like Dave Thomas. Oh and my mom was in love with Paul Newman. And Neil Diamond. And I ran into Patrick Ewing's belt buckle once. I think that's his name. Tall guy, plays basketball. Oh man...and the best one...my brother dated a girl on that Canadian teen show Edgemont which isn't the cool part, it is that Kristen Kreuk, aka Lana Lang was also on that show with my brother's old girlfriend so he really knows Lana Lang, who is in love with Clark Kent, who is in love with me. Awesome.

  • i'm real excited for HIgh School Musical 3. You are too. I know it. It's your Twilight.

  • My children don't appreciate Liza Minelli's New York New York. Start spreadin' the news.

  • I was STAR of the year in 1982. I got a plaque. And I was voted Sweetest Smile in High School. See.

  • I used to think that if you picked your nose with your ring finger on the left hand, it was classy. Till Darren Olde told me it wasn't.

  • If I have chores or something to do, I pretend I'm a professional. LIke, if I have to make dinner, I pretend I have my own Food Network show and do a promo on Fried Chicken and Green Beans. Makes it exciting. Or, if my toilets are dirty, I pretend I'm the nation's Top ranked Merry Maid and I'm doing a clip on the Oprah Show. And if I yell at my kids too much, I mean, speak sternly with love, I do an interview with Dave Letterman so I can find the humor in it all. Mary Poppins is great when the kids are sick.

  • Ooh, Gabrielle blair is my new Oprah.

  • I pick up the dictionary and a cookbook when in the mood for a little light reading. I love it when they flambe the souffle. Talk about suspense. The Joy of Cooking gets pretty racy. Yikes. Do you know what circumlocution means? I do. I suffer from it.

  • And the number one reason I am so loved....is because I can paint a pig with lipstick and call the kettle black while staring at the horses mouth in the hayfield with the needle that broke the camel's hump. And back.

        again, the cool giveaway, because these guys totally know me. my niece. my niece's friend. it's a great cd.

        i'm famous.


    Nana/Mom said...

    Cally, you are tooooo much!!!!! Glad I clicked on your blog, you make me laugh, and smile, and tear up a little too sometimes.
    thanks for the smiles, Patsi

    ShEiLa said...

    I must admit that you are very good at circumlocution. It's like reading a deep novel... I have to read it a couple times just to make sure that I understood what you meant. (seriously my brain is still stressed after reading Wicked... I need to read that again. But not today.)

    Kaci said...

    LOL! I loved reading your responses. Got over here from Merrianne!

    Have a great day!

    MelDrop's Corner said...

    coming out from behind the lurker veil to say that this post absolutely cracked me up. i'm not even sure i followed all of it, but so funny. thank you for the laugh.

    La Memster said...

    & I know you... so I must be famous too ;-)

    Man I'm lucky!

    wendy said...

    My mother told me to never say circumlocution-----------shame on you

    Wonder Woman said...

    I can't believe you did it - I had totally forgotten. You could have gotten away with it, except then I'd never know you are from CANADIA!! I feel like I've been betrayed.

    But you almost practically know Lana and Clark Kent is in love with you, so you are totally forgiven for having a green card. (Yes, I know our show's filmed up north. Something we choose not to think about.)

    And holy Michael McLean you ARE famous!!! I'm astounded by all the connections you have.

    You're a funny, circumlucutious, crafty. quirky, WONDERFUL blogamama and I'm so glad I found you!

    a wynn wynn situation said...

    You are famous because you are blogalicious! You make me giggle even on a tag post-

    cally said...

    Oh wonder woman. How did you know I have a famous connection with Michael McLean, too. His son loved me for a minute. I introduced his dad at a Youth Fireside in Ohio, and his son (can't remember his name) jumped over a pew at the end of the meeting because he said he couldn't leave without meeting the girl he was going to marry. And that was it.
    Boy I'm famous. And humble.

    April said...

    Oh my Calico! I want to be you. You are witty and funny and too too much! I love your blog.
    I am famous because I went to high school, double dated, danced, and still talk to his mother... Kerby Heyborn (he is in all the mormon movies, stared in RM)
    So now you can say I read your blog so you are even more famous! LOL