politics. cute kid. funny stuff. a tribute to abbie's brut strength, little boys briefs, & patriarchs in bike gear. and my hair looks marvy today.

I watched the Republican Convention last night. Actually, I was flipping back and forth between Supernanny. Sarah Palin beat out Jo, though. I like her. Palin. And Jo, too, I suppose. She delivered her speech clear and controlled, and not annoying like everyone else who seems to see the words YELL LOUDLY AND PAUSE AFTER EVERY PERIOD on the teleprompter. I just liked her. But most of all, I can't get over how this little family (mostly her husband) must be adjusting, or not, to their matriarch being VICE PRESIDENT. Or not. That's huge. Gee, my husband's proud of me when I make it to WalMart.

Which reminds me, I have the cutest kid ever. Seriously. I love my job.

And it took me long enough to notice, but the blogger dashboard has a new manage your blogs sort of thing i like a lot. So as I was putting in some bloggy essentials, I caught these hilarious mormon funny cards on supercruze's. Check them out, and tell her you love the name Afton.

Which brings me to this. My hair looks awesome today. Thanks to this intimate portrayal of the life of silky curls. The awesomeness was enough to prompt me to take a picture of myself, which was an uncomfortable form of narcissism. I totally had to look that word up. I was going to say narcolepsy. What I love about this picture is my hair, first, and then my eyes are green not brown like I had thought all my life, and then a big pat on the back for how far I can move my mouth to the side of my head. Bizzaro Facial Contortionism.

But the best thing that came from my photo shoot of vain-ness was this real life mommy moment immortalized forever in my sony cybershot and now in the blog realm of mommyhood...an honest portrayal of the raw emotion while watching an intentional spillage of the strawberry mini-wheats followed by a nasty yell-fest between sibling counterparts. Seriously. For real. Now you might say, "why the heck are taking a blasted picture of your face instead of calling upon the powers of intervention?!" To you I say, my hair looks marvy. Priorities.

And last but not least, a tribute. To family togetherness. And to Abbie, who puts a final end to the battle of wills with one small pull for mankind. And who won the 100 meter dash only because her bladder is fully in tact.


Wonder Woman said...

Your hair DOES look marvy!! I love it. When I was taking pics of my new color, I tried to get a decent one of my smiling, but it just wasn't working out. (Not terribly photogenic.) So that's why the brunette pic is me making a funny face.

But it looks great! Did it take long? It won't once you get the hang of it.

I was flipping back and forth between RNC and ANTM last night. Palin almost won....but not really (can't get enough of skinny girl drama and photo shoots.) Although I did like Palin. Pretty sure I like her more than McCain. Though I know next to nothing about her - only what we've heard for the last week or so. Saw a thing on the Colbert Report, joking that she should run for prez with Romney as her VP. Now there's a ticket I could endorse!

Your kid's *adorable* - my kids always have food around their mouths. And I never notice till we leave the house.

By the way, you're one hot mama!! I think that's the first time I've seen what you look like! And you gotta love candid camera moments.

Natalie said...

You've always had amazing hair...I do recall watching you and Cherstin walking around with your long flowing locks and wistfully dreaming for the same. :)

Unknown said...

Cute shirt your wearing. Cute hair too.

wendy said...

You are so funny - just make me giggle. Yes your hair does look mah-velous darling (must also be the hair trim Emma gave you) Go Cally - Go Palin - Power to the women

mer said...

ooh la la...pretty hair and cute shirt. Miss you guys! come play at the beach with us someday :).

Becky said...

I do love the hair. There's always time for intervention later...