little andy buthday man.

Andy has been inviting friends to his buthday pawty for months. He'd brind me a piece of paper, a pencil, and he'd recite. "Thay thith (say this)...Yo invited to my buthday. On Theptembu 10. Thankyou." Then he'd put it in an envelope and mail it...to someone. To many people.

So I asked him what kind of cupcakes he wanted. He wanted a fighting cake. What? Yeah, a fighting cake. To go with his monster party. What? Uh-huh, a monster party.

I'm not a cake person.

So I said we're gonna have cupcakes. Oh no no no, Mo-om. They call it a buthday CAKE. Not a buthday CUP-cake. And he proceeds to explain the special day these humans celebrate, and why, and how I cannot deprive him of the traditions we on Earth have enjoyed, such as the buthday CAKE.

Ugh. So I made a cake. And cupcakes.

A mad monster cake. No fighting cakes. We're a peace-loving family.

Then, I had to make a monster. To go with the theme, because I had no other monster-ish preparations...prepared. I was actually going to make a monster for each little kid who came to share in some human buthday experiences with AndyMan, but I only got one done. So they got money in their cake, instead.

ANdy asked me to take off the heart, because Monthterth don't love. They gwowl.

Makes sense.

Conan took him to the fair last night. Because he's always dreamed of following in Ruby's footprints, and her little brother Max. He was terrified of the teacups, won a spotted dog popping two balloons, and told his dad "Dad, I jutht thaw two wieud humanth." Translation? He saw two wierd humans. LIke he's above us all.

So happy birthday LIttle Andy Man. You do look taller today.

And a little wiser, too.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm mannequin and I don't know quite how I landed here but nonetheless, here I am.
What a lovely post; his buthday pawty
sounds like it wuz gweat.

nice to meet you!
I'll stop back; it's a very interesting blog you have!

Wonder Woman said...

Andy sounds like a very cool kid. Love the "weird humans" bit. That's classic.

The monter you made's adorable, and the picture of him with it is frame-worthy. Cute cake, too.

Crossing fingers, toes and eyes in hopes of winning tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

so cute.
so innocent.
so matter of fact.
so simple.
yet it all means so much...

i love em!
i wish i had a monster


binks said...

Just popped over from BlokThoughts.
That little monster is adorable. Oh and the homemade one, too.

Kids, gotta love 'em.

Unknown said...

He went to the FAIR and ONLY saw 2 weird humans?

Wow, it must have been somebody's birthday.

Lovin the monster stuff.

But, I want you to know THAT I know your mad photo editing skills and I bet that cake wasn't as cute as you make it out to be.:)

Andy is SOOOO cute. And, to translate.

THooooooo cute.

Andi Kate, Children's Author said...

I love your monster! And Andy reminds me a lot of Taj. CUTE cake, oh non-cake-ite (whatever!). I'm sure the Monsters Ball was a rousing success! Now I need to start thinking about Taj's bday next month...

wendy said...

Andy is my man - a vewy thpecial perthon. Does he still want me to be his thervant?? I'll practice up for next thummer. his talk is so endearing

Emma said...

i just love this little man. Olivia keeps asking me if we can go to canada and if her ssme friends will be their! I wish i had as much fun as they do!!

Mia said...

Happy Birthday little man!!!

Becky said...

What a neat party. I've heard so many cute stories about him! Hapy B-day!