The shop is open...

For one week!

I already have projects scheduled up until November! Yikes-o-rama!

I am SO grateful for the interest! I sew during the moments I can squeeze in, which aren't many, so I need to be realistic with what I can do; to be fair to my family, and to you.

So, I'll only be taking orders until August 25.
One week.

Then I'm closed again until next year.

If you've sent me an "unofficial" request, I have you on the list and will be emailing you this week. I will only schedule as many projects as I can in order to make sure everything's done in time for Christmas...and so I still have time to wipe snotty noses. Quality time, you know. LOST is starting soon, too. If I am to be honest.
If you want something, email me (this week) at cally.cruze@gmail.com and I'll put you on the list.

I am thinking about starting this on Etsy in January or February, with clothes and other cool stuff I've got inside my head, but it's kind of intimidating. No, really intimidating. There is so much amazing talent out there, and the comparing and inferior abilities come into play, and I get nervous. I have so much to learn. And again, priorities. It can be a good hobby, until my kids are all in school and then I can really get into it. It's hard to do because I get so excited, but I need to slow it down. Mom first, eh?

Advice is welcome, and needed.

Thank you!!

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corrie said...

Do we e-mail the orders to you?