a reminder to me.

It's been an interesting day for me.

Yikes-o-rama stayed home. The kids were quiet (sometimes). Is that possible? I had moments, of nothing. Stillness. So I prayed. And thought. And felt a few things.

It's all over the place, and I was going to stay quiet about my thoughts, but it's still again - except for the orphans singing Your Never Fully Dressed - and I want to put these thoughts down. For personal reference, I suppose. And because I feel like it.

You can't really go anywhere in the blogosphere lately without reading about Stephanie Nielsen. You can't help but be touched and softened when reading about this woman. There's kind of a Nie Nie movement going on. Out of selfish curiosity, I read her blog today. It's full of gratitude, and joy. Her style is on my hot list. I loved it. She loves her life.

It's interesting what tragedy inspires. I felt soberness and sympathy, and some despair. And I was grateful. I learned today. The Lord's purposes are quiet, and often missed.

My husband used to smile that smile at me when I would go all activist over something I saw on Oprah. Like he's trying to be supportive and loving, but he knows it'll only last until tomorrow's show on Uganda. True. You get caught up in other people's lives, and you're touched and changed by their tragedy, then it goes away and you're back to whining and wishing you could afford the miracle zit cream. I don't watch Oprah anymore.

So I'm writing this down to remember. To stop complaining. To find comfort in the toy hammers pounding my head. To glory in the pudding collage. To praise the laundry. Because little bodies I love wore those clothes. And I can sort.

I need to remember, to thank my Heavenly Father often...for teaching me, through the Nielsen's. And through a R.S. Program. And through a small message from the missionary's after dinner. And through an unordinary stillness. I don't always hear it, or feel it, 'cause I'm wrapped up in me; but today I did.

I'm grateful I can read this tomorrow. When I'm tired, and the quiet is gone. And when I start to forget. Again. That tragedy, if there is such a thing, inspires something lovely.

this picture is from Stephanie's blog.


a wynn wynn situation said...

oh that was perfect and I felt every bit of it.
and I'm going to use your reminder as my reminder because I'm a little lost in the laundry pile today-

Mia said...

Thanks for sharing the thoughts you wrote down for yourself with us. I too have felt so much gratitude lately for the things that Heavenly Father has given me. I love your reminder.

Wonder Woman said...

I've read just a little bit about this woman and her family, and had to stop because I could no longer see my screen. Just days before, I went to some free dinner/fire safety program and they mentioned that burns are the worse thing ever to recover from.

Seeing her happy, normal life and smiling family, then realizing that her life would NEVER be the same was just too much for me. Honestly, when I see her mentioned in blogs, I try not to think about it. Because I don't want to think something like that could happen to me, when it so easily could.

I'm so glad that you were able to think of her and be grateful for all the little things that normally aren't great things. Thank you for sharing, and reminding me that I have NOTHING to complain about.

Megan said...

Thank you, thank you! You put my recent thoughts & feelings into beautiful words. I too have been pondering & re-evaluating due to the nie nie movement!

Rita said...

Cally, I had no idea you posted about this family -- because guess what? I just did the same thing yesterday. I happened upon them through some blog hopping as well -- and it was blogs I never visit, which I found equally strange.

This family and their story -- their faith -- their beautiful children -- inspired me and saddened me and all of the above. It made me remember who blessed I am and how I need to be thankful each and every moment.

Thank you for your beautiful post. We ALL need reminders -- and often!

Rita said...

I meant "how blessed -- not "who" blessed...yes, I can spell -- I just can't think clearly sometimes! ;)