love comes in all sizes.

I was munching on the contents of Kacie's Sunday snack baggie (you know, goldfish, pretzels, craisins, the essentials) while playing the piano, waiting for the kids to sing loud enough to earn the ketchup stain removal off Sam's clean baptism clothing (yeah, what?) and thought to myself, this delicious concoction of Primary pleasure needs chocolate. M&M's, to be more specific with myself.

Thought nothing more of the matter.


I passed a beautiful display at the local WallyMart of these limited edition Retro jumbo packs. So I bought one because it looked cool. And I was anxious for a little kick in my snack attack next Sunday. Spent $7.00 on candy. Dumb. But oh so cool.

Not nearly as glorious, however, as this genius morsel I found in the freezer section.

98 cents of Brilliance! It is currently hiding out in the confines of my ice dispenser. This baby fits snug in the palm of my hand, for ease of the invisible transport. Seriously, they even hid a spoon under the cover. Thus offering complete mastery of the treat sneak, we all know and love. One quick swing of the freezer door and kachow, I'm gone. They have no clang of the spoon, or krinkle of the wrapper to perk their little ears up to (like the predators they are). Just me and my $1.00 taste of indulgence.

I love chocolate.


ShEiLa said...

the retro pack of m&m's is so your style with the little m&m stick figures on the package.
the ben & jerrys looks good too!

Unknown said...

Saw them both at Wal-Mart just tonight....couldn't take the splurge....I did however buy a $50 canner....what the heck?

corrie said...

If only they had a Lactose pill under the lid as well...
Good to have you back and blogging!

mer said...

great pics Cally. That cow one is genious.

corrie said...

K- the day is almost over and
I want a BIG bag of M&Ms. Seriously. Gimme.