closing up shop.

I know I said Monday, but I've got to stop taking any new orders now. I'm booked. Thank you SO much for your interest and kind words. I am really excited about some of these projects, and need to get to work, big time.

I won't be taking any orders on the blog anymore. After I finish some other long forgotten projects (an awesome cookbook and a belated skirt, for example), I plan to do a lot of research and preparing to do fun stuff on Etsy. I need a more organized forum, so I can be more of a mom. I'll keep you updated as to when that might be.

Thank you so much, for your cheerleading and awesome responses to the stuff I've done. It's been a wonderful learning experience for me. Not only have I made some fabulous friends, but I have a quiet confidence now that I can do this, with some tweaks. Most importantly, I've learned that I love being just a mother. I'm happy with that. I can be an artist, a designer, a business owner, a seamstress, a crafter...tomorrow.

For now, I'm gonna learn about Pokemon. And blog a little. Okay, more than a little. A healthy amount.

Thank you!


Wonder Woman said...

I'm glad you're happy and content and fulfilled.

Makes for a good mommy.

Unknown said...

Your a great mom,cally! I'm saving my pennies for your possible grand opening on etsy in the possible future. I love your bags.