it's such an honor...

I got an honest to goodness real award. Look at it. It's all shiny and sparkly. I'm blushing about it. Thanks, Nat.

This makes two for me. I got the fastest tp picker-upper award last week. It was a stack of oreos. So grand. It doesn't really count though, because I awarded it to myself for finding the entire un-raveled roll of double-ply and cleaning it all up before kacie even had a chance to notice the toilet clogging playground. This truly was a feat, because she was following me with her "waa waa's" & had her fingers even prying open the door when I swooped it all up. So I gave myself a pat on the back, and a stack of oreos for a crisis averted, and a job well done.

Oh, and I did win the Paula Abdul award at Girl's Camp one year. I'm, uh, not sure what they were implying. I'm short, I dance, and I don't make much sense. Okay. She was cool back then, though. So it was cool.

Not nearly as cool as a blog award. I mean really.

What a great summer.


Mia said...

I'm short, I wish I could dance, and I don't make much sense either. Oh and at one point in time I was cool too... You are one funny lady!

Cherstin said...

Congrat, Cally!!! You deserve it. ever sence we found you i haven't been able to pull myself away from your wonderful blog. And also i've gotten so many ideas and inseration from it as well. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Keep up the good work.

ShEiLa said...