Save the Garbage

Dani loves garbage. Seriously guys. "Real life creativity". This girl has vision.

I was throwing away the empty cereal box and I hear...the echo in my mind every time I lift the lid..."Hey"...no, this isn't my mind, here she goes..."Can I have that?"

"Dani! It is Garbage! What the heck are you gonna do with a cereal box? Garbage I say!" My exasperation comes from countless garbage raids in Dani's room. Some have been yucky.

"Mom...open your eyes. Everyone has a purpose. It's my top hat." As she snatched it from my hands, saving it from the depths of rotten apple cores, she places it ever so British-like on her head, takes a bow, and dances. With a top hat.

I guess I should encourage this kind of creativity. Save the garbage. Make a special "Dani's Garbage" box. See where she goes with it.

"Hold still. Let me take your picture. Good. Creativity accomplished. Now throw that away please."



jenifer said...

Seriously, my Anna loves garbage too!! I'm worried that she has emotional issues because I have threatened to throw away all the toys that she doesn't clean up. She is a regular garbage monitor... they are either going to be famous artists someday or on Dr. Phil with a trash disorder.
Have fun living the dream!!

ShEiLa said...

Oh the days when you buy your child an awesome Christmas gift only to have the box played with more than the gift... I am glad she is creative and has a knack for re-purposing things. Isn't there an old saying: 'One man's garbage is another man's treasure'?
toodles, Sheila

Natalie said...

My Cally used to make potatos into babies. She'd cradle it and wrap it in a blankie and then I'd find it all moldy a month later behind her bed. Ewwww...

wendy said...

As the saying goes - One mans garbage is another mans treasure---hmmmm.

Unknown said...

My daughter collects garbage too...until now, I thought I was the only one conducting garbage raids in childrens bedrooms.I feel so much better now.