a quick bag post...before the break up

my computer and I have gotten a little too serious. We need to take a break from eachother, see other people. So we're breaking up for a short while. We'll get back together once it learns to appreciate me a little more.

But before I go, here are some bags I love. I love Bella's bag...I was real excited about this simple design. And I love the bow on Katie's bag, instead of the tie or ruffle. And, Jamie had a brilliant request for a TRAIN bag for her son's Thomas paraphanelia. Love it.

So long, cyperspace. Till we meet again (like a week).


Elizabeth said...

WHAT?! You can't go anywhere! How am I supposed to get my Cally fix for the day if you're gone?! I depend on you to make me laugh or at least smile. Heck, my KIDS depend on you so they don't get beaten behind the wood shed each day!

Hey...funny story...the other day, I was talking to my friend, Shelley, and she was asking about the growing song. I made sure no one was around (especially my kids! Could you imagine if they picked that one up? Over and over and over and over...), then sang the original with all the gusto it deserves. She laughed then said she had a friend who had a sister that would totally sing a song like that.
Her: "You grew up in Canada, right?"
Me: "Right. Why?"
Her: "My friend was up there, too. I think her sister's name was Cally."
Me: "What was her name?"
Her: "Cassie."
Her and Me: "TAYLOR!!! NO WAY!!!"

After that there was much screaming and laughing and other crazy things. She said you threw the best bridal shower she's ever been to. It was in a hotel room with underwear on their heads and star glasses.

And that is why you can't go anywhere. We need you, Cally. You've touched so many of us!!!

wendy said...


Unknown said...

I am glad that it is only for a week....I thought that you were breaking up for good. I have been there before when I feel like I can't control myself against the powers of the blog.

We LOVE Bella's bag too! I need to post about it...will do whenever I get some time!

cally said...

I must, I must. For the sake of all that's good in this world, I must.

It's only a week, fellow blog lovers. I shall return, and the computer and I will enjoy our late night strolls on the pretend beach of techno-love once again.

And Liz...SoFunny!! I didn't realize I have such a "growing song" persona. And I have no idea what you're talking about. Star sunglasses, geesh, that's wierd.

Natalie said...

Stay strong, Girl! Show that puter who wears the pants in your relationship!

Lindsey Rose said...

Cally you are so funny! Those bags are the cutst thing ever, how much would you sell me some if I wanted you to make them for my three kiddos? I am serious I am in love with them, I didn't even get to see Bellas the other night, but wow these are great! Let me know!

Lindsey Rose said...

ps I am going to put a link on my blog if you dont mind, they are too cute!

Becky said...

I shall be SO excited when you get back! I L-O-V-E the "bella" bag. I think I'll want a similar style, but a "becky" bag...whenever the shop reopens, of course. You are SO extremely talented. Then I'll learn how to thread a sewing machine (not much knowledge left from 7th grade HomeEc). And THEN inspiration and creativity will pour out of me...right? Simple as that... Oh well, it was a fun, SHORT dream. Hope your trip was fantastic!