wee wonderfuls

My aunt Terry Jean is so cool.

She sent me the link, that sent me to this:

Which sent me to this:


Which led me to this:

Which led me to believe I need to learn to quilt the right way. I LOVE this quilt. Jen, what do ya think? Can you post a tutorial on how to make a basic quilt, without the fancy terms and machines? My most gracious pleading.

Check out Hillary Lang's blog...wee wonderfuls, she made all these beautiful treats. Take a look at her most wonderful make-along-story.


ShEiLa said...

I love all of them. The bear & bunny, the pincushions, and the quilt...I really love the quilt. Crafty Cally, see what I mean about you can do it all.
toodles, Sheila

cally said...

um, as much as i'd like to take credit...i didn't make these.

Anonymous said...

SOOO EASY!! You have the top, you have the bottom, you buy "The Original" Quilt Basting Spray-- in a PINK can from Hancock Fabrics... you buy 100% cotton thin batting with a 50% off coupon at JoAnn's (It's better by the yard on the huge rolls). Spray the batting, lightly covering, spread down the bottom, spray the other side of the batting, spread the top. Then you just sew the top to quilt it... free motion quilting is VERY easy, you just need a free motion foot and the ability to turn off the feed dogs (which I'm sure you can do on your new machine). But, until you get that foot, just sew like normal-- you can be creative with stars or hearts or just do lines-- it's fun! (Come over some afternoon and I'll let you practice on my machine-- by the way it's a bernina too and I love it more than at least one of my children.) Now, binding... cut 2 1/4 strips (for a normal rectangular quilt you don't need to cut on the bias) just make sure you have enough to go around the whole quilt. Iron the binding in half (right side out). So now you have a long piece of binding with a raw edge and a folded edge... line the raw edge of the binding with the raw edge of teh quilt and sew the binding to the BACK of the quilt with a 1/4 seam, stop 1/4 inch from the edge. Call me to walk you through the corner, (806)795-1233. Just match up the binding when you come to the other edge with a little seam. Then, flip the binding to the front of the quilt and sew right along the edge. It's not hard and with your amazing talent you can do this... seriously call me when you do the binding, it's the only tricky part. I know how to make this a lot more difficult, but honestly the basting spray and machine sewn binding is the best!! Good luck and happy quilting!! Jen

Anonymous said...

OK- next week when I finish redecorating my CUTE craft room and decide to open my blogspot, I'll take some pictures which will show just how easy it is to make a quilt.... it sounds harder than it is!