we have a winner!

Hooray! Alice wins! Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. A 1954 Hollywood Musical, Dani loves. I'm so proud of you, Alice. Perseverance.

I am totally impressed with all the guesses.

Here's what you win Alice... 4 brides and 4 brothers.

Complete with a cool carrying case...I haven't taken a picture of. I've got tons of ideas in store for more of these guys. I'll add them to the store, someday.


ShEiLa said...

CONGRATULATIONS ALICE!!! WAY TO GO!everyone know I tried... but I couldn't do it...so glad you did!

corrie said...

Yea Alice!
I was so happy when you guessed it.
Good job!

The Coatney's said...

I'm so jealous, the prize is very cute. Unfortunately I will never get one right because they are so DANG HARD!

Unknown said...

Yep, in your face everybody..I'm the winner...can we say that again..I'm a winner.

And, WHAT a PRIZE I must say Cally...THOSE ARE DARLING!!!!

And perfect because all of my kids are so out of the tag baby phase.

Yep, I kicked Sophia off the computer to see what I won and now I am dancing around the house.

Whenever I get two minutes to myself, I will post your cute people on my blog...with a shout out of course!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU...I'm taking a bow everybody, and taking huge pride in the moment...I can NEVER guess the right thing, and this time I did! Yeah for me and my brilliant mind! I don't even think I ever saw this movie all the way through...there are just advantages to guessing 20 times :)

And, Cally, I really will be o.k. if you decide to make a "one guess" rule in the future...now that I won, of course.

Mia said...

Darn you Alice ;) I knew you had it when you guessed 7 Brides. Yeah for you and your cute little lovebird people.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Wah I lost, BUT it was fun to try. I seriously thought I had it MADE when I guessed the Count of Monte Cristo--shows how far I have to go to defeat the steel trap of a mind that is Cally Cruze! Next time I will not take the hints so literally. And, I will have to get up way, way earlier than Alice. :) Kudos Alice, sincerely--until we meet again...