pillowcase bag

I found this tutorial for a pillowcase bag on Martha.
I have a pillowcase I love...to look at.
And I needed a big bag to stuff blankies and pajamas in.

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ShEiLa said...

Just when I think that you cannot possibly come up with one more creation... you find a tutorial and wha-blam 'presto-chango' and it happens... another Crafty Cally thing to admire on your blog. If you don't stop it... I will have to be an 'indian giver'(I know this is not politically correct, but would you understand what I meant if I said, American Giver?) and take back the sewing machine I gave my son-in-law when he wanted to sew some curtains... I will never do that, I just need to save some cash for a new machine. I think Crafty is Contagious!
Thanks Cally!
toodles, Sheila