monster art party

the boys were invited to atticus' bday today. so fun. merrilee is major creative, and knows just what little boys love to do...make a mess.

and of course, atticus got a bag. even two-year-olds can't escape. we went to target and filled it with cars, books and other goodies.

happy birthday, atticus. and thanks for a fun day, merrilee.


The Coatney's said...

This is absolutely adorable! You are simply amazing. I have GOT to learn to make these bags, they are simply to die for. So cute, adorable, wonderfully perfect. I wish I lived by you and could invite you to my kid's parties. You are the amazing mom that we all aspire to be. Once again, kudos to your crafty amazingness!

Unknown said...

Yes, so darling! I am just counting the days until our next birthday party. I need one of those bags...even if they have my kids' names on them! :)

mer said...

I'm so glad you and your boys loved the party. We LOVE the bag you made. You are uber talented lady.