mom's, meet morning goodness...

Cereal is a staple. We go through, well, plenty boxes a week. I have a few rules when buying cereal: less than $3.00 a box, low sugar, and whole grains. No hydrogenated junk. High fiber. That has limited my choices a bit.

So I was at Wal-Mart, buying cereal, and my eye stopped at this new orange box I hadn't seen before. It was Family-Size, perfect. And the label said NATURAL, awesome. And then I glanced at that scary little sticker that usually sends me on my way. But oh no, they've made a mistake. A second glance, and can this be for real? Drumroll please...$1.62. Um, I don't hear your applause. Did you hear what I said? ONE DOLLAR AND SIXTY TWO CENTS!!! Then I looked at the nutritional label. Not hydrogenated anything, natural ingredients, no added fake anything. So I bought four.

Let me introduce you...

This is your new morning best friend, her name is Mom's Best Naturals. After further scouring their website, I love them more. Made with renewable energy, no artificial fluff, no high fructose syrups, made with whole grains, etc, etc. For those of you reduce & reuse lovers, just check out their Product Commitment.

Yup. I love.

Happy Morning to ya.


Unknown said...

Four boxes?...i thought you were trying to build up your food storage...you need to get at least a month supply..that would be, let's say...16 boxes!

And, even though I would never look twice at this cereal at the store, I am impressed by your commitment to goodness. Can you feed my kids some healthy stuff when they come over?

Lori said...

Yes, yes, we LOVE Mom's Best.