andy's positive affirmations

andy is a very unique and "expressive" boy. he tells his dad and I, and his blankie (it's a girl, and she doesn't like being talked back to), that he loves us often, usually followed with an endearing little hug, sweet nuzzle, and his signature snuggle sigh..."mmm"...with a little shake.

yesterday he was excused from the dinner table to use the bathroom, and Conan quickly, and quietly, followed him and took his stance, hands and knees, outside the bathroom door to "surprise" andy as he came back to the table. the ever-so-loved growl and squeal took place, we laughed, and they both returned to the dinner table.

Conan asked Andy who he was talking to in the bathroom.

Andy replied, "just me."

Conan..."What were you saying?"

"Oh, I was just telling me I love myself." Very matter of fact.

"You were telling yourself that?"

"Yeah, dad, I love myself." To which he wrapped his arms around his sweet self, gave himself a little squeeze, shake, and sigh...mmm...with a grin you couldn't describe.


Today as we sat down to dinner again, i could pick out Andy's voice in the midst of the 5 others all wanting dad's attention. Not being heard, he spoke a little louder, but still with the tender tone of his popular affirmations.

I listened closely, as he said, "Dad, I'm glad I'm me. Dad, I'm so glad I'm me." Repeated 4 or 5 times, followed by the same self nuzzle and sigh, each time.
I'm so glad he's him too.


Unknown said...

So cute...Bella is also very lucky to be so affectionate, it makes her so much easier to love when she is having a "middle child" moment.

Anonymous said...

That is way the cutest thing ever What a little ham you have on your hands don't you just love it