get the coupons, buy some canvas

go to joann's today, sign up for their mailer coupons. then come home, get online, and sign up for their online flyers. Then look in your Sunday paper for more coupons. You can use all three of these in one visit. They will also accept coupons from other stores, like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Hello? 50% off. You take advantage, even if you don't want to. If you don't have anything specific you need, use the coupons and buy yourself either a yard of canvas or a framed canvas. Any size. Keep them in stock, and use them for rainy day kids projects, or for cheap art for empty walls. O the possibilities.

The boys and I made these to hang over their beds...with canvases i bought a long time ago, for $2 each. Not bad.

They picked a color and covered the canvas. then i outlined their initials, and they painted those with another color. I let them choose an "object" to add to it. Jake wanted outer space, and a small letter. So he painted stars and planets. Andy wanted a cornfield...go figure...i don't know...and joey wanted a car. An unusally shaped, expensive precision vehicle, from Europe. yOu'll find no other quite like it. So I traced the shapes lightly with pencil and had them paint it in, then outlined it all in black. Easy peezy acrylic paint squeezy.

of course, dani wanted to join in, and she could because i had an extra canvas. This is her rendition of the womping willow. brilliance.

see more canvas projects here. and here. and here. and my favorite...HERE, from the supercruze's. I love it. gotta do it.

Check out Joann's Free Shipping Club, too.

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Unknown said...

You really don't care if we buy canvas with a coupon...you just wanted a way to show off your amazingness again.:) WOW - those look so awesome!

Yep, I am a pathetic artist, but gosh darnet I can THINK and ANALYZE like no one else!