cutie cupcakes

Katie, I'd like for you to find a reason to make these cupcakes
I found on Martha, because they're so cool that someone has to,
and you're the logical candidate, oh great confection queen.
Send pictures.

bug cupcakes

lion and lamb cupcakes

I must live my culinary dreams through others.


Unknown said...

Maybe I could outdo you in the baking category...WOW.. I have some hope...I thought that I would never find something that I am better at. These are darling.

cally said...

the proof is in the cupcakes, ali. make sure you invite me over to eat one of these after you make 'em, or else my faith in the confectionary talents of others will be in vain, if one cannot eat.

Yo Mama said...

I'm on it. I think i might make them for easter as little helpers of the bunny cake. Thanks for the props!

The Coatney's said...

oh so cute. this look good. the bisquits, not so good. Actually I threw up in my mouth just a tiny bit when I read the recipe.

cally said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha. I'm laughing hysterically without typing LOL. D'oh, I just did. I realized the die a quick death donuts didn't sound, or look, that appetizing, but we cool cruze's sure love our easy, quick, albeit artery clogging bakery substitutes. Sorry about the puke in your mouth, that's gross.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Hey! I love to bake and make intricate things that that no one appreciates half as much as the time that went into them... I have actually made lamb cupcakes and chick cupcakes for easter before. They were quite fun and mostly got eaten before the hot California sun melted their little ears and beaks off... :)

Keep posting delectables like this. Those bugs look inspiring. :)xkrguru