LOST...quite literally

I couldn't sleep last night. Why the heck does Kate have Aaron? What the hooey!!?? And why the hockey sticks is Sied killing those people for Butt Ben? Where is Penny? I do believe it is her father who is behind all this. Juliette is sneaky wierd, and why was the polar bear in the desert?!

No matter how hard I try, I've got to accept that I will never figure it out.

I hate that.


Unknown said...

I don't watch that show, for the very reason you mention..I don't need one more thing in this life to make me feel lost...I do quite good enough on my own, thanks:)

Yo Mama said...

I'm convinced. It's all about the time travel. That's why that guy was like, "fly back on the same course you came in on." I think that Ben knows how to use the time travel to go on and off the island for his benefit. I also think that jack is jacob, who has traveled back to the island to help the losties on the island from going back home. Also, I don't know why the crap Kate has Aaron. she's seems like a decent mom though so it's okay. just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Well, now we know where Penny is. Nice tree she had, eh? Time travel...this show is crazy and aging me faster than my kids are!