My name's Cally, but my dad calls me Calico. always has.
I'm Canadian.
I live in the South.  How the whooey did I end up in the South?
His name is Conan.
I love food. especially doughnuts.
and parmesan cheese. and seafood.  and cereal.  and gnocchi.  and baklava.
I like to be chilly.  Maybe that's from my Great White North upbringing.
I like simplicity.  And old things.
I suffer from malapropism, especially with cliches.  They're not my friends.
I wish I was a ballerina.
I fall asleep when I read.  
I love the mountains.
I want to be a farmer.
A singing ballerina farmer in the mountains who can't read awake.
I like to make stuff.
I've got 5 awesome kids and an amazing husband who loves me.
They're the best part of me.



CreativaCale said...

You are so rich women ! Beautiful family ! hugs from Serbia,

Anonymous said...

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