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We made these bags last year and it was fun to get them out again.  I told the kids that if this bag gets full it's time to come home and let mom go through all of it to remove the candy that might be poisoned.  I usually find a pretty good handful, or two, of suspicious looking KitKat's every year.  It feels good to save the lives of my children; such a sacrifice.

I've already eaten 2 bags of candy I bought early so I had to buy more today. Typical.  Our neighborhood is CRAZY on Halloween.  Literally hundreds of kids and never enough candy!  There's a house on the main drag that has a live band play on their porch, and a house at the front of the subdivision that sets up a real live haunted lawn every kid is scared of, but they hand out big treat bags so they go anyways.  Freaky house.

We told Dani she was too old to Trick or Treat this year and she has chosen to show her disappointment by shaking uncontrollably on the floor and holding her breath till she turns purple.  I'm not convinced.

We have the costumes all worked out, but there are always last minute changes so we'll see what we end up with tonight.  The Pretty Skeleton Girl came home from school a little crabby so we may end up with a Pretty Grumpy Witch Ready for Bed.

And in other news...my Holiday Mint M&M's are now in stores!  Time to decorate the tree.  Merry Christmas.


ShEiLa said...

I have eaten two mini-Baby Ruth bars... but I plan to have a couple Twix as well. My hubby and I have an agreement. He takes whatever candy is left after midnight to work tomorrow so I won't eat it all. *Ü* It is tough being a chocoholic.

Hugs Miss Cally! Have a 'spooktacular' Halloween.


mandi said...

hahaha! All of your sacrificing- for the sake of the children!
I want to see pics of costumes!!!

wendy said...

Matthew's wife...Rena...buys off candy from her kids. She does NOT like them having all that candy. So they negotiate a pay off system.

We get no trick or treaters where we live...it is out in the country and down a 1/4 mile road just to get to our house, in the dark....nope, no one comes here.

I miss the little kids and their cute costumes.

~adelle said...

Your posts always make me smile.