snaps. Just in case you want 'em...

I made a car seat cover for a sweet lady a while ago, and she requested "wind control", so we added snaps!  nice.  Now the blanket fits the car seat nice and snug if it needs to.
Here's a weak diagram of where I placed the snaps (M = male side of snap, F = Female side of snap). First I attached the cover to the carseat and then pinned it where I thought the snaps should go for a snug fit. Then I marked where the pins were and followed the instructions on the package of snaps I bought from Joann's to attach them to the blanket. 
It's a fuzzy picture, sorry.  Which is why I've needed a new camera.  Which is a whole other post.

car seat cover tutorial


Unknown said...

All those other people that requested you make them a carseat carrier cover and never got one really missed the boat. They should know you well enough to know that if they would have thrown in a "wind control" request, you wouldn't have been able to resist the project. LOL

Love it. Not really into car seat carrier covers as I always used a blanket and it worked just fine, but I may get excited when they have wind control features. It really is cute...OF COURSE.

ShEiLa said...

Fantastic invention.


Sarahie said...

This is a great idea! I'm planning on making one of these for my baby and I think snaps are a fantastic addition. Thanks for sharing!

Caroline said...

you could try elasticating around the edges using the binding as a channel for the elastic? I also wondered about maybe inserting a rectangle of flyscreen where baby's would be with a flap of fabric over the top (with a velcro closure) so you could check on baby easily without totally removing the cover. Haven't made on yet, just throwing out some ideas. Will make one of these for the next grandchild, thanks for the tutorial!

Caroline said...

oops! that would be "baby's head would be"

Rachael said...

I'm still completing your original pattern and saw the snap idea. Another commenter suggested elastic. I love that you used snaps bc you can easily unsnap and not have to deal with the elastic all the time. You can still flip up one side or whatever. When I post mine to my blog, I will def refer them to your 3 posts!! Thanks so much for giving your free pattern out! LOVE IT!

Rachael said...

BTW...I LOVE how you piece it together...such a cute look!

Unknown said...

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