this is it.


When you think your kids are watching a movie, but somewhere in the middle of dvd saturation they all become red carpet guests into DreamLand. {Except for the one upstairs who opted out of movie time}. Conan calls me in to see our kids, fast asleep. 
This is when you want to stare at them in the dark for a really long time.
because when you squint you see them differently.  Eternally.  As companions, gifted to me, here to teach me.  Somehow, as they sleep, their purpose is clear and powerful.  

This is when it's clear:
I need to learn.  I need to watch.  listen.
quiet.  still and humbled.

I grab my camera and we turn on the light to take a picture - because a picture lasts.
My patience and memory doesn't.
We carry them to bed.  
We carry on.
I forget, and I get busy, and I get frustrated.

Thank goodness for that moment when you randomly decide to browse iphoto because you just want to do something that takes no energy and no prisoners.  And you find the picture. And you want to stare for a really long time.

this is it.
This is what they teach me when they're asleep.

to watch.
and remember.

still.  quiet.



Jennifer Dawn said...

Thank you! I needed to stop and hear that tonight. :)

Angie said...

Wonderful. As always.
Thanks for the reminder.

AMBER said...

I luv pictures of sleeping kids. It really does give you a whole new view even if just for a moment:)

wendy said...

oh my...I felt every single word.
Know and believe everything you said.
and I want to remember
and I am always humbled, that I had the opportunity to mother 5 amazing kids.

mandi said...

Oh...so sweet. and so true.

Michelle Price said...


Diatomaceous Earth said...

Oh my this what I needed to hear after the day I've had today. Thanks so much for sharing. Bless you!

Emili said...

I haven't read blogs for a really long time now, just got out of the habit and distracted with life (not all a bad thing, right?) and I was going through bookmarks and found this post. And I love it. And I read it and it brought tears to my eyes. I get so frustrated at my self for getting frustrated with my beautiful children. When I take a moment to stop and look at pictures like these (or when I check on them at night when they are sleeping) I feel it. And I wish I could treasure every moment and not let it all get swept away by time and by the marathon.

Amanda said...

Beautiful words. Thank you.